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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina Names The Baby on General Hospital

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Carly tells Sonny that Ava has been lying. She plays the tape.


Sonny is in denial. Connie wrote the letters “AJ” in her blood. Carly points out those are Ava’s initials.

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Sonny is furious Connie was shot to protect Julian’s identity, even though the truth came out shortly after her death. He can’t believe he shot an innocent man, thinking he was getting justice for Connie.

Carly says Ava was covering her tracks. Sonny nows not to let Ava get away with this.

A police officer stops Julian from entering Lucas’ room. He isn't on the approved list. Luke, who was trying to kill Lucas in his bed, vouches for Julian.

Luke warns Lucas isn’t the only available Jerome family target. Julian says he could just turn Luke in to the police. Luke says he has a long reach.

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Luke tells him to come back to work and all will be forgiven. Julian says the operation is in shambles. Luke is certain he can rebuild with Julian’s help.

Lulu questions whether the police have any leads in her cousin's shooting. Dante tells her about the shooter being found dead in the park. Lulu mentions being in the park with her father around the same time.

Lulu tells Dante she made a consultation appointment with Dr Chu. She offers to cancel, if it’s not something that Dante wants. He tells her to keep the appointment. Lulu gets a call from Tracy to discuss Luke.

Kiki wonders if Ava is in hiding so as not to get busted alongside Julian. Ava says she had no idea about Julian’s drug operation. She has been distancing herself and working with Sonny.

Kiki says she knows about Ava and Sonny. Ava says they got caught up in the moment.

Kiki points out Morgan is in a lot of pain. Ava promises to be a better person when she gets back home. She wants to reconnect with Kiki.

Ric asks Liz on a date. He tells her to get dressed up. They’ll see where the night takes them.

Emma gives Sabrina one of her koala bears for the baby, then asks about the name. Sabrina names the baby Gabriel Drake Santiago. She tells Patrick she finally feels hopeful about the baby’s chances. Sonny arrives on the island to confront Ava.

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