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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Admits She Loves Julian on General Hospital!

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Alexis is surprised to find Julian out of jail, and he informs her the judge granted him bail. Julian tells Alexis he’s to blame for Lucas getting shot, and his family is still in danger. He has no choice but to go back to the organization. Alexis advises him to go to Anna, but Julian believes Anna’s feelings towards him will get in the way. Julian worries he and Alexis are through, but she admits she loves him.

Anna informs Dante they’re releasing Jordan, because Dante violated her civil rights. Dante denies it, and Anna tells him the truth about Jordan working undercover. It is vital to maintain her cover. Dante’s angry they weren’t told about the undercover operation, and he must now take the blame for a false arrest. Anna promises to clear his record, once everything is done. She stresses Jordan is out to get the head of the Jerome organization, which isn’t Julian.

Tracy wants Lulu’s help in figuring out what’s wrong with Luke. She explains what happened with Ned. She asked Ned to leave, but agrees Luke is different and has been keeping secrets. Lulu tells her Luke has been planning their honeymoon, and it’s supposed to be a surprise.

Carly wonders why Luke isn’t helping search for Lucas’ shooter. Luke claims the police are on it. Franco arrives, and Carly tells him she spoke to Sonny about Ava. Ric stops by the table, but Carly doesn’t have anything good to say.

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Ric runs into Luke, who continues to accuse Ric of being Julian’s boss. Ric warns Luke not to cross him. Luke tells Olivia that Ric is on the terrace having a date, and suggests he be removed from the premises. Olivia isn’t fazed by Ric, and then explains Sonny cheated with Ava. Luke feels Olivia can do better, and hits on her. Olivia assures him that she’ll be fine, and tells him to go home to his wife. Luke warns her not to trust Ric.

Ric meets Liz for their date. The two dance and kiss. Ric wants her to spend the night with him, and Liz agrees.

Shawn visits Jordan in jail, and informs her TJ wants nothing to do with her. Jordan claims she’ll be freed tonight, and plans to continue to work for Julian. Dante arrives, and releases Jordan due to all charges being dropped.

Carly tells Franco all about Sonny's anger, and his vow to kill Ava. Franco’s not happy, since this will affect Kiki. Carly feels Ava is getting what she deserves. Olivia updates Carly on Morgan's current emotional state. Carly is shocked to hear Sonny and Ava had sex, but reassures Olivia it will never happen again.

Ava’s surprised to see Sonny, and can't believe her ears when he says he wants to be alone with her. Ava informs him they won’t be repeating what happened before, and Sonny agrees due to her past actions.  Ava wonders what Sonny is accusing her of, and he blurts out he knows she shot Olivia. Ava claims it was an accident, and knows Sonny wanted Franco dead, too. Sonny remembers Ava said she would turn him in for killing AJ. He continues, and tells Ava he knows she was really the person who killed Connie.

Julian stops by the police station, and tells Anna he’s ready to admit whom he’s working for.

Luke returns home, and Tracy tells him that she knows he’s been planning their honeymoon.