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Alison Sweeney Dishes Days of Our Lives Exit and Breaking Her Departure To Ken Corday

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Salem is going to be a bit drama-free once Alison Sweeney departs Days of Our Lives as Sami Brady. Just how is the black sheep of the highly regarded Brady family going to leave the fictitious city? Sweeney gave TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logana little hint as to how her alter ego exits the soap opera after being a part of the canvas for 21 years.

TV Guide Magazine: So let's talk Days. You recently went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and hinted that Sami's exit from Salem wasn't going to be all that dynamic. You want to revise that so it sounds a little more, um, interesting?

Sweeney: Well, it's still a soap opera and it's still Sami, so it's always going to be interesting. She won't just vanish into the night. I had no say over what they wrote, so my only leverage with [executive producer] Ken Corday was to promise that I'll come back to the show if someone gets married or dies, or for Christmas or the 50th. I could not handle it if I was not there for the show's 50th anniversary next year. I very much wanted that door left open and Gary Tomlin wrote a great send-off story that allows that to happen. I will always be a Days champion. I hope Salem is still here in five years and that there's still a job for me. I want that town to be around forever.

Speaking of DAYS' Executive Producer Corday, Sweeney spills the beans on how she gave her boss the bad news of her exit.

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TV Guide Magazine: How exactly did it go down when you told Corday you were quitting? Spare no details. Was he pissed?

Sweeney: It was a million times harder than I thought it would be. I made an appointment and went to Ken's office. He is so important to my life and I respect him tremendously. I told him my plans and he was so kind and wonderful and supportive. He said, "Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" I said, "No," and he was very respectful of that.

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