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SPOILERS: Chelsea and Billy Team Up For Love On The Young and the Restless

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Chelsea/Billy/Victoria: The Abbott playboy is ecstatic about Victoria’s pregnancy. Billy heads off to Victoria’s, and clues her in on the tea Chelsea spilled. Victoria temporarily bursts Billy’s bubble when she informs him her child could be Stitch’s. Billy doesn’t care whose baby it is, he’s just happy Victoria’s pregnant. He swears he’ll raise the kid like it was his flesh and blood.

Later, Victoria heads to Chelsea’s place and tears her sister-in-law a new one about snitching to Billy. Then, Billy shows up and Victoria is green with envy at how close the two are becoming. Victoria storms off and visits Stitch for a shoulder to cry on.

Watch for Chelsea to team up with Billy to get the dirt on Stitch. Chelsea crafts the bright idea for she and Billy to pretend to be a couple to make Victoria jealous. Just what will Adam think about this when he returns?

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