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Perkie's Observations: Sonny's Swimmers Strike Again on General Hospital!

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Julian tells Anna he answers to someone else, and wants to reveal his boss' identity to her. However, she refuses to make a deal with Julian. Julian informs Anna he’s already spoken to Scott.

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Sonny reveals to Ava he has a recording of her confessing to Connie’s murder. Ava claims Carly doctored it, but Sonny won’t listen to her lies. He pulls out his gun with the intent to kill Ava. Ava quickly says there’s something he doesn’t know.

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Nikolas talks to Alexis about his feelings for Liz, and how she’s more interested in Ric. Nik admits he wants Liz back, but Alexis wonders if he’s only trying to fill the void left by Britt. Nikolas vows he’ll always love Liz.

Liz and Ric end up in his hotel room. She asks him to promise not to hurt her again. Ric swears he’s a changed man. The two make love.

Tracy tells Luke she knows he’s planning their honeymoon and wants the details. Luke says they’re leaving tonight, but wants the rest to be a surprise.

Kiki visits Michael, and updates him on Ava and Sonny’s tryst. Kiki admits she didn’t tell him sooner, because he was dealing with AJ’s death. Michael tells her not to keep things from him anymore.

Scott tells Anna he’s giving Julian full immunity in exchange for the big boss. Julian confesses his boss' identity, much to Scott and Anna’s surprise. Anna shows up at Ric’s hotel room door with a search warrant. Ric swears he isn’t Julian’s boss. Anna fires back Julian just named him as the head honcho.

Julian has a talk with Luke about naming Ric as his boss. Luke informs Julian he planted evidence in Ric’s room. He tells Julian he’s going on his honeymoon, and expects Julian to run the business. “Luke” goes to Miscavige to check up on the real Luke.

Ava reveals Sonny can’t kill her because she’s pregnant with his child!