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Perkie's Observations: Who is Luke's Doppelganger on General Hospital?

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Ava claims she’s pregnant and can prove it.  She pulls a positive pregnancy test out of the garbage and shows Sonny. Sonny says the baby isn’t his. Ava admits it could be Morgan’s. Sonny believes it could be any number of men that she slept with, but Ava says she was faithful to Morgan.

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Ava says this baby is either Sonny’s child or grandchild.  Sonny decides to take her back to Port Charles to his doctor for confirmation. He then swears he’ll still kill her after the baby is born.

Julian tells Alexis that Ric is his boss and that Anna is arresting him, so his family is safe.  Alexis doesn’t believe it, saying Ric swore on Molly’s life. She can’t believe Ric would order the hit on all of them.

Julian swears on his own children’s lives and explains that Ric approached him in Witness Protection, determined to destroy Sonny.  Julian says he was lonely and wanted his life back so chose to work with Ric.  Alexis wonders what she’ll tell Molly.

Ric claims that Julian is lying, that he isn’t the boss.  Anna says she has proof that leads directly to Ric.  Officers find a gun.  Ric swears he’s never seen it before and that it was planted.  Anna says the gun matches the one used to shoot Lucas and the shooter in the park.

Ric swears to Liz that he’s not this person, that he’s being framed.  He says he worked hard to distance himself from the mob life and is legit.  Anna takes him to the station.

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Fake Luke explains to Luke how he put his plan in motion, waiting for the right moment to make the switch and got the chance when Luke was taken to Miscavige.  He also talks of marrying Tracy.  Luke yells at him to leave Tracy alone.

Fake Luke says he’s leaving town, but promises to return and take over Port Charles and obliterate Sonny.  He tells Luke that he’s set Ric up to take the fall, including getting Ric’s prints onto the gun.

Olivia finds a drunken Morgan and lets him know that she’s aware of what happened between Sonny and Ava.  Morgan blames himself for bringing Ava and Sonny together.  He thinks they can make their pain go away and kisses Olivia.

Olivia’s quick to stop it and says she’s not like Ava; she won’t take advantage of Morgan while he’s in pain.  Olivia promises the pain will eventually go away.

Liz goes to Alexis to ask for her help with Ric.  Alexis says she believes Julian.  Liz turns on Julian questioning why he’s setting Ric up and planting the gun.  Liz storms out.

At the station, Ric continues to deny everything and swears he didn’t touch the gun.  Anna says the gun matched the one that shot Lucas and that it had Ric’s prints on it.

Luke questions who his captor is but Fake Luke refuses to tell.