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Daytime Confidential Upgrade Complete

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Welcome to the updated Daytime Confidential! We've spent a lot of time and energy working on the latest upgrade. It is more than just a fresh paint job. We're on a completely new content management system that we believe is more user friendly and will enhance your Daytime Confidential experience.

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First up, to Log In, click on the arrow with the little door icon near the search icon  in the main menu. Then enter your user name and password to login.

Daytime Confidential is also now mobile friendly and adjusts to phones and tablets. This has been a big request for a lot of you.

Daytime Confidential now has a number of new or improved features, including fun little things like "liking" a story and giving it a good old Cheer or WTF!.

It is easier to manage favorites and notifications.

It also has vastly improved user profiles where you can share your favorite couples, TV shows, movies, books, actors and answer light-hearted questions like, "If I had a million dollars I'd...".

Daytime Confidential now features Groups - Each current daytime soap now has its own group with a message board forum. We encourage everyone to join the groups of your favorite shows, to share your passion through discussion and debate. The same forum rules apply.

We are also debuting a new Group: Perkie's General Hospital Observations

Perkie's General Hospital Observations: If you've loved reading Perkie's Observations over the years you will definitely want to join her new group. This is her new home where her loyal family of readers can get comfy with her latest General Hospital Recap.

We'll be adding more groups in the future so stay tuned.

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Passwords - It's always a good idea to update your password and now is the perfect opportunity. Just log in, click on the little Avatar icon beside your User Name at the top right of the page. From there go to Settings and click. This will take you to the General tab of your profile where you can update your password.

There may be instances where, for whatever reason, the new content management did not like your old password and you may not be able to login. You can request to have a new password sent to you. If for some reason you still have trouble, email me at:

Avatars - Everyone loves their avatar, but the ones on the old site didn't make it through the conversion worm hole. This means it's time to pull off your doppelganger's Faison prosthetic mask and upload a new one.

Go to your user name in the upper right corner and click on Edit Profile. On the edit profile page click on Change Avatar to upload your new, or if you're really Faison, identical avatar.

Browser Bookmarks - Because of the changes, I would strongly advise updating any bookmarks you may have in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Comments - Because of the new system every user's (new or long-time member) first comments have to be approved before being able to comment freely. This is intended to help prevent possible spammers. Users, new or long-time, will likely experience delays because of the volume of approvals required over the next few days. I appreciate your patience.

Finally, as with any big changes, you may run into bumps or bugs along the way. This may include some sluggishness as we fine-tune the new server settings.

If you have a problem email me at The more details the better when it comes to troubleshooting.

On behalf of myself, Jamey Giddens and the entire Daytime Confidential team, enjoy!

Luke Kerr

Daytime Confidential