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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Neil and Hilary Are Jumping The Broom!


Dig into some sizzling summer The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Billy/Victoria/Stitch: The Abbott playboy gets closer to discovering Stitch's secrets. Will he tell Victoria what he's learned? Stitch isn't ready to step aside. Who will get the girl?

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Paul: His brother arrives in Genoa City.

Victor/Nikki/Paul/Cricket: The Black Knight gets a pass from his wife, on the damage he caused his family. Does the sinister presence of Ian Ward help Nikki to forgive and forget where Victor is concerned? Watch for Nikki, Paul, Victor and Cricket to be floored by a stunning revelation.

Nick/Sharon: The lovebirds move forward in their relationship, just as Sharon's missing memories starts to come back. Watch for Mariah to be a key component in Nick and Sharon's relationship.

Adam/Chelsea/Billy: The still unseen Newman black sheep is not amused when he sees his wife spending time with his brother-in-law.

Devon/Hilary/Neil/Lily: Mrs. Ashby is out for blood, when she learns her father is engaged to her nemesis. Will Devon help bust up Neil and Hilary for good?