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PC #77: Orange is the New Binging on Game of Thrones

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On today's jam-packed episode of the Pop Confidential podcast, there's been a whole lotta binging going on! Jillian Bowe is doing a marathon of Orange Is The New Black, which Luke Kerr, Melodie Aikels and Jena Dorsi ship. Since Jillian isn't quite caught up to Season 2, the other three PC panelists dish the show that has everyone on Twitter buzzing.

Meanwhile, after years of mocking Luke's Game of Thrones love, Jamey Giddens completed a four-season marathon in 10 days, and is HOOKED! Seriously, he only planned to give the pilot "a try". Listen as the co-hosts discuss the entire run of the series, leading into Season 4's frustrating Episode 9 battle, as only they can.

But before the gang dives into their TV-gasm, celeb headlines, movie and music news are back!

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