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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Nick Come Together For Family

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Are you ready to end your week with a Friday full of The Young and the Restless spoilers? Check out the latest Y&R scoop!

Victor/Nick: Father and son team up to keep their family safe.

Jack: Old Smilin' wonders what's up with Stitch and Kelly when he spots them sharing a moment.

Paul/Nikki/Dylan: The Chief of Police's status takes a turn for the worse and in true soap fashion, he needs a liver transplant to survive. Nikki tries to console Cricket, but Paul's wife isn't feeling what the socialite has to say and snaps at her. Nikki backs off and gives Cricket space.

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Meanwhile, Dylan blames himself for Paul's predicament. However, Cricket tells the war veteran not to beat himself up for Paul's shooting. When the doctor reveals Paul's rare blood type, Dylan remarks he has the same as well and insists on being tested.

When Nikki learns Paul and Dylan share the same blood type, she starts to remember an intimate moment she had with Paul shared while they were in Ian's cult that she'd locked away in her mind. Watch for Nikki to start jogging her memory and comes with a stunning realization.

Devon: The billionaire starts to create a plan when Neil and Hilary's upcoming wedding starts to get close.

Summer: The troubled teen contacts Phylils.

Ian/Mariah: The two are secretly working together, but Victor is hot on their trails. Will The Black Knight discover their plan?