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Steve Burton Talks Latest The Young and the Restless Paternity Pickle

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Even Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli saw this one a mile away. Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) isn't the son of "scary", pervert cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise); he's top cop Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) kid!

Last Friday's The Young and the Restless cliffhanger revealed Dylan and Paul share the same rare blood type. This week, as Nikki's (Melody Thomas Scott) long-lost son prepares to save Paul's life with a piece of his liver, Dylan's paternity becomes apparent.

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TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan chatted with Burton to get the scoop on the latest Genoa City bombshell. Said Burton:

This is so much better than having Ian Ward for a dad and, when things settle, I think Dylan and Paul can do this. [Laughs] Hey, Paul can't solve a crime to save his life but, you know, it's gonna be fine. Does Victor know that Paul and Nikki had a roll around in the hay all those years ago?

With Ian not being Dylan's dad, what does this mean for Ray Wise? According to Burton, nothing really.

TV Guide Magazine: There's another little matter that leads to this big reveal — we find out Ian Ward can't have kids. He's just a lyin' loser! Doesn't this pretty much defang him as a villain? He's got no more hold on anyone, no real reason to remain in GC.

Burton: We love having Ray Wise here! He's awesome and I don't think he's going anywhere. Just wait. Ian is about to throw another wrench into the works.

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