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Daytime Emmys Unveil "Social Media Hosts"


Long-term soap bloggers may have had to fight tooth and credential for spots on the red carpet this year, but never fear, the Daytime Emmys have enlisted You Tube and Vimeo stars to cover the show!

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You Tube vloggers Lauren Elizabeth, Meghan Rienks and Jessica Harlow, along with Vimeo's Brittany Furlan, will be officially reporting on the show for NATAS this Sunday night. I will give my first born to any member of this quartet who can tell me who Beverlee McKinsey was. See examples of their groundbreaking daytime television industry coverage below.

I'd just like to point out several dedicated online soap journalists have video platforms. Dan Kroll of Soap Central, Roger Newcomb of We Love Soaps and Michael Fairman of Michael Fairman On Air, On Soaps, to name a few.

I guess those guys spent much too much time interviewing daytime stars, writers and executives this past television season, as opposed to tweeting from bed. No, seriously, one of the lasses above has a video up where she answers tweets from her bed. Carry on.