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LIVE BLOG: 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards

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It's Daytime's biggest night so join me as I LIVE BLOG the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards! Keep checking back for the latest updates here at Daytime Confidential.

Hey y'all! It's Mel here. I attempted to watch the Red Carpet show, but I couldn't get through 5 minutes of that train wreck. The social media hosts on the carpet are two of the most lewd, disrespectful and downright clueless people I've seen grace an awards show in a long time.

When the duo decided to playfully suggest to rape Ryan Paevey, I quickly exited the live stream. Our Daytime Television actors, actresses and crew work entirely too hard year round to be disrespected by two children who didn't even have the common courtesy to Google who they would be interviewing. I, for one, refused to stand for it.

I'll be back for the actual ceremony, but I want to know what y'all thought of the red carpet show. What were your best and worst moments? Let me know in the comments!

The show was supposed to start two minutes ago, but clearly they are running behind. Now one of the girls is talking about her nipples falling out....on a RED CARPET SHOW!

I feel like I need to apologize to Irna Phillips and the rest of the soap opera legends for an absolute shit show of a red carpet.

Oh look, the feed is black. I can't even see it. I can hear the producers of the show joking about what the girls' were saying on the carpet. How great.

I can hear Kathy Griffin on stage. The first words out of her mouth are, "Welcome to the shit show". She didn't tell one lie.

Five minutes into the show, they finally put the camera on Kathy. Oh look, Kathy just let the F word fly out of her mouth. This is supposed to be a prestigious awards show, and the host is swearing like sailor. I'm not surprised since it's Kathy, but still.

Kathy is rambling about herself. I don't care. She's talking about last year's hot mess show. She's going on about having to meet people she talked trash about last year.

Kathy is making this monologue all about her, I'm not a fan. She's finally done and brings out Billy Bush.

Billy Bush just shaded TMZ. Keep On Billy. All of your secrets will be on TMZ by tonight. Keep On. Anywho, he presents:

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

The clips between the nominees are back. Well, there's a plus!

And The Emmy Goes To...


I told y'all Eric was the Dark Horse in this one. Wow! Starting the night off in a shocker! I liked his reel a lot. Eric thanked his wife and gave a nod to his Passions history. Well done Eric! Great Speech!

Billy is back to present:

Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Drama Series:

And The Emmy Goes To...


Congrats Amelia. I know we talk about her like a dog, but her performance was good. I think I'm at a loss for words for once.I think I just passed out. I really do.

Giuliana Rancic is on stage. Lord, give me strength not to shade this woman. She looks nice. She presents:

Outstanding Culinary Program

And The Emmy Goes To...


She also presents:

Outstanding Culinary Host

And The Emmy Goes To...


Kate Mansi and Casey Moss are on stage. They look okay. Kate is working a fashion flexible look. They present:

Outstanding Legal Courtroom Program

And The Emmy Goes To...


I have loved the theme song to this show for years. It's playing as everyone goes on stage.

AC I mean...Mario Lopez walks out on stage. He's so pretty. He makes a joke about what happened with him and Kathy, but doesn't give up any details. He presents:

Outstanding Game Show Host

And The Emmy Goes To...


Congrats to Steve! However, Steve couldn't make it. Well, that's a shame.

Mario also presents:

Outstanding Talk Show Host

And The Emmy Goes To...

It's a TIE!


Dr. Oz and Katie Couric couldn't even bother to show up. Katie's show is cancelled too. No one even came to accept for them. Shows how much they care about this.

Thank You Soap Jesus! Sharon Case and Camryn Grimes are on my screen. Sharon Case looks STUNNING. They present:

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

And The Emmy Goes To....


Young and Restless got an Emmy for their writing from the past year. I need to lie down.

Darin Brooks, Scott Clifton and Kim Matula are on stage. Kim look so amazing! Love her peek a boo dress! They present:

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

And The Emmy Goes To...


This is HUGE y'all. A streaming show won an Emmy. OLTL has always been well directed. I'm fine with this Emmy!

Kathy Griffin is out on stage. She's making jokes about the awards not even being a real show. "It's like Twitter". I know I'm supposed to laugh, but I can't. This awards show already doesn't get enough respect, let's give them more reason to treat us like crap Kathy.

Kathy telling a story about how Sarah Michelle Gellar told her Susan Lucci got her fired after she won her Emmy. All Tea. ALL SHADE.

The ladies of the The Talk are now on stage. They present:

Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series:

And The Emmy Goes To...


I knew she was going to win this one. She picked the right reel. Great Job Hunter!

The Talk ladies also present:

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Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series:

And The Emmy Goes To...


I'm looking around my room right now like I don't know who I am. Chandler's reel was 3 minutes long. THREE. I can't believe he beat Bryan Craig. I don't even know what to say. I'm officially declaring it Upset Night.

Mo Rocca is on stage. I think I only know this guy from the "I Love The" series on VH1. Whatever works. He presents:

Outstanding Talk Show Informative

And The Emmy Goes To....


Steve just won another one. He's had a great year in TV. However, he didn't show up. Come on, Steve. You gotta show up.

My feed just went black for two minutes. If I missed a category, I apologize. Well, I couldn't have missed much because Mo is still on stage. He just shaded so many people who aren't there. Apparently, Mo did a cameo on YR at one time. He's talking to MTS. Anyways he also presents:

Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment

And The Emmy Goes To...


Brooke Burns and Mark "The Beast" LeBet are on stage. Heaven on Earth. I see why they call Mark "The Beast". This guy is an amazon! He also looks very shy. They Present

Outstanding Morning Talk Show

And The Emmy Goes To...


They also present:

Outstanding Morning Program In Spanish

And The Emmy Goes To...

Un Nueva Dia

If I spelled that wrong, I'm sorry. I have a hard time with English sometimes. Kudos to them!

Judge Christina Perez in stage talking about justice is blind. Well, alright them Chris! She presents:

Outstanding Game Show

And The Emmy Goes To...


Hit the theme music! It's one of my favs, but I've always thought it sounded like "I'm a little teapot". I know, Bless My Heart.

Judge Chris also presents:

Outstanding Special Class Special

Say that one 5 times fast! I dare ya!

And The Emmy Goes To...


I'm perfectly fine with this one. It was for the tribute episode to the late, great Jeanne Cooper. We Love You Ms. C! Rest Duchess! Jill Farren Phelps accepted the award and said some amazing things about Jeanne.

Michelle Stafford, Kelly Monaco and Jason Thompson grace the stage. The make a joke about their characters. They present:

Outstanding Entertainment Program In Spanish

And The Emmy Goes To...


Kelly said she was gonna flash the crowd. Oh Kelly! How many have you had tonight? The GH trio also present:

Outstanding Entertainment News

And The Emmy Goes To...

It's a TIE!


This night is turning into a drunken mess. Kelly Monaco is wasted up there. Jason and Michelle backed away from her at one point like "Oh I am not responsible for you tonight".

Two more ladies from The Talk are on stage. Sharon Osbourne is on stage swearing and joking about the speeches being super long. She's telling everyone to get drunk, throw up later, and screw whoever you want. Sharon Osbourne people. They present:

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series:

And The Emmy Goes To...


We all knew he had this one in the bag. His Emmy reel literally brought me to tears. Billy Miller is AMAZING!

They also present:

Outstanding Lead Actress in A Drama Series:

And The Emmy Goes To...


By the way the night was going, I had a feeling she would get it. For me, it was always between her and Heather. I'm absolutely fine with Eileen winning. She had one hell of a year on Days! She's being in the game since before I was born! I tip my hat to you Eileen! WERK!

Donna Mills is on stage SLAYING in Abby Fairgate Red! I love every part of it. She presents:

Outstanding Drama Series - New Approaches

And The Emmy Goes To...


Crystal Chappell is doing cartwheels...and drinking. Good to see a webseries win an Emmy! Crystal goes up to accept the award!

Donna Mills also presents the last award of the evening:

Outstanding Drama Series

And The Emmy Goes To...


This is another I called in the Emmy podcast. I said on there and I'll say it on here. Of course, they were going to win. The show has been trash for at least the last year, it had to win. That's how things work, isn't it. However, that's not to look down on there accomplishment. A win is a win I suppose.

Kathy Griffin just interrupted JFP because she could. Yeah, that's about how this show was treated.

Well folks, that's it for me. Let me know what you think in the comments! Until the next awards show, I'll catch y'all later.