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Days of Our Lives' Eric Marstolf Gets Serious in Daytime Emmys Press Room

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Days of Our Lives' Eric Marstolf (Brady) is one of daytime's funniest actors, so it was no surprise when the first thing he did after arriving in the press room, after winning the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor, was ask if he should sing into the microphone.

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When he was informed that—thanks to a producer's gaffe—footage of Guy Wilson (Will) played when Martsolf's ex co-star Chandler Massey won for Outstanding Leading Actor, he quipped, "They did not! That is awesome."

Martsolf quickly got serious when he was asked how he prepared for his raw, realistic performance as a long term drug addict. "I'm a very happy-go-lucky guy, so it was difficult for me to really take this seriously because I like to have fun on set. I've done this for the past decade, and this is the first time I've felt pressure to portray this [right.] This is a real problem in our society, you need to do this justice. I did my research. I watched Leaving Las Vegas. I watched Nicholas Cage. I think I watched it four times. I did my homework."

Marstolf appreciated the challenges of the storyline. "On soaps, quite often things are played giant and there's no mystery. There's no subtext. ... This was one of those moments where [the producers] said,'We don't want your closest family members to know what's going on. You've got to hide it.' That's what I was told to do and I guess I did it."