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INTERVIEW: General Hospital Casting Guru Mark Teschner Dishes Sixth Daytime Emmy Win


CBS Daytime and may have been the big soap winners at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys, but when it comes to casting, ABC Daytime's General Hospital is the sudser to beat. Who is responsible for the Mouse House soap managing to assemble such a top notch cast? His name is March Teschner.

I caught up with the veteran casting guru following his sixth Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Casting. What exactly is Teschner's secret to casting the perfect role?

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on your latest Daytime Emmy! This makes what, Number 5? Where do you keep them?

Mark Teschner: Number 6, I keep them in my office. They are pointed; too dangerous to keep at home with a 9-year-old running around!

DC: What made you select this particular reel?

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MT:All series regulars, who first aired last year, are required. Then, I chose whoever I wanted from the guest stars and recurring actors. I went on gut instinct and chose scenes that moved me and made me pay attention. A few comic beats, but mostly drama.

DC: Is there a moment, or a trigger in the casting process where you're able to say to yourself, 'This is it. This is our Morgan Corinthos"?

MT: The moment for Morgan in the casting process, in this case, was when I thought to bring him [Bryan Craig] back in for Frank. He had auditioned for Rafe. Fortunately, Frank saw what I saw.

DC: With only four soaps airing in Daytime, it seems the casting wars have intensified. How do you keep focus on making sure to get the right people for your show, with so much competition out there?

MT:The competition for great actors is stiff! I never worry about that stuff though, I don't think in terms of any casting wars. It always comes down to who is the best person to bring the role to life!

DC: This last question is two-part: What advice would you give an aspiring soap actor wanting to impress you with his or her reel; what advice would you give to an aspiring casting director?

MT:I would give the same advice to both: do it because you love it, the craft and the artistry. Do it with passion or don't do it at all.