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Under The Dome Showrunner Dishes Max Ehrich and Sherry Stringfield Joining The Cast

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CBS's summer hit Under The Dome is, in many ways, a soap opera. It's set in the bucolic small town of Chester's Mill. There are teen romances, a seemingly-omnipotent Alpha male and a mysterious bad boy with a secret. There is one important difference from the serial and the typical sudser — the whole town is encased in a mysterious, supernatural dome that cuts them off from the rest of the world.

This season, the show will get even soapier, however, with The Young and the Restless star Max Ehrich joining the cast. At a recent CBS press event, showrunner Neal Baer revealed that Ehrich's character, Hunter, will start out online before he finds his way under the dome.

"We are introducing him in Episode 3, but only digitally as you will see because... there is a break in the Dome that comes through where Internet messages can get through." Baer later added, "In Episode 3, Norrie and Joe start to get messages from this young man and we will actually meet him in Episode 8. So we think we might be one of the first shows to have a digital character who is really real. And we really want to reach out to particularly our young audience and embrace transmedia and have this world."

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Sherry Stringfield

Sherry Stringfield, best known for ER, but fondly remembered for her stint as Blake on Guiding Light, has also joined the cast. Baer says only, "[She] is the most mysterious character we’re introducing this season. You will see her in Episode 1, and I can’t say anything more about that."

Rumors abound that Stringfield will be playing Pauline, the presumed dead wife of Big Jim (Dean Norris) and mother of Junior (Alexander Koch.) Under the Dome is based on a novel by Steven King who wrote the season premiere , but that's a plot twist worthy of another writer who specializes in stories about small New England towns — Agnes Nixon.

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