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Anthony Geary on Almost Quitting GH: "It Was Time For Me to Pack it In"

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Anthony Geary

Could life in fictional Port Charles, New York go on without Luke Spencer? The idea almost became a reality, when Anthony Geary went to General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati to opt out of his contract last year.

Geary spoke candidly to TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan about initially wanting to exit the role he's been synonymous with since 1978, and how he was convinced to stick around.

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TV Guide Magazine: I was starting to get the feeling that the current GH regime had either lost interest in you or had no idea what to do with you.

Geary: I think you're right. A year or more ago I went to them and said, "I'd like to exercise the out in my contract. I'm really not pleased with what's going on with Luke. I feel like I've done it and done it and done it." As you know, I have a wonderful life in Amsterdam and felt it was time for me to pack it in and go there permanently. And [executive produce] Frank Valentini and [hear writer] Ron Carlivati were wonderful. Frank said, "We don't want you to go, but we understand." Then, when I had about four months left to go, I realized it was going to be hard to walk away — a lot harder than I expected. This show has been my life for so long and I felt I still had something more in me. They said, "Great! What do you want to do?" I told them, "I'd like a story when Luke is proactive rather than reactive. I want him to cause problems for people, rather than helping them solve problems. I want to see a side of Luke we've never seen." When Ron came up with this Fluke idea he said, "Now, this is pretty far out. I don't know if you'll want to do it." And he got about three sentences into it and I said, "I'm in! Sign me up!" This storyline has revived my whole interest in the game.

So this is why we have "Fluke" (Fake Luke). Geary hints once Fluke's identity comes out, fans will be convinced by his plans and incentive for revenge.

TV Guide Magazine: We know you can't reveal Fluke's true identity but, when we finally do have all the facts, will we buy it? Or will it fly in the face of credibility?

Geary: I know who he is and what his motivation is, and I think it will be highly believable when all is revealed — and that's what was most pleasing to me when Ron pitched the idea.

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