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Reckless Creator: "We Love The Soapy Stuff"

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Summer drama series, Reckless, premieres tonight on CBS. It's the saga of a Chicago lawyer, Jamie (Anna Wood), who moves to Charleston and is soon fighting her attraction to City Attorney Roy (Cam Gigadent), while representing police officer Leanne (Georgina Haig) who was fired after having an affair with her colleague, Terry (Shawn Hatosy.)

The hot cast also includes Gregory Harrison and Adam Rodriguez. At a CBS press event, Hatosy, Harrison, Wood and showrunner Dana Stevens told Daytime Confidential why Reckless is the sexiest show in CBS's primetime line-up.

How did Reckless end up on CBS? It’s different from the network's typical procedurals.

Dana Stevens: I’ll tell you a secret. Our executive producer also produced Ghost Whisperer. They heard it from the horse’s mouth that Les Moonves wanted to do a sexy show. and we were like, “Okay, we’re going to give him a sexy show.” And he put it on the air so we’re really, really happy. We sort of crafted it to be a CBS sexy show pushing the envelope. The thing about the CBS shows is they always have an ensemble. We have that too.

What percentage of a typical episode is procedural and what percentage is the interpersonal, soapy drama?

DS: Our early episode are a little more procedural, but as we move along, you know we love the soapy stuff. And I’d also say as we move along the procedural elements start to get mixed with the serial story.

Why are each of your characters Reckless?

Anna Wood: I think my character would prefer not to be reckless. She’s a workaholic and likes to err on the side of fulfilling her duties, but she finds her personal life getting in the way of her professional life and that for her is recklessness.

Shawn Hatosy: I play a guy who’s a pretty good detective and feels comfortable being a cop and that’s part of his problem because he doesn’t see himself as anything other than a cop. He’s not afraid to use his badge to get whatever he wants. And what he wants is Leanne Marcus and nothing else will do.

Gregory Harrison: I play the head of the legal firm, the aspiring mayor, probably the most ambitious man in town and privileged and I think I’m smarter than everyone else. That’s what’s reckless about me. I’m always stirring the pot and manipulating people and I probably will put my foot in it at some point soon.


What makes Reckless so sexy?

SH: One word — Cam Gigadent.

Why not one word: Shawn? Don’t sell yourself short.

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DS: I’ll tell you, Sean and Geogina are in flagrante delicto outdoors in a major park,on a monument.

AW: I think what is nice about our show is that we cover the drama, the romance, the tension, but there’s also straight up down and dirty nastiness, which is mostly Shawn Hatosy, We cover all of our bases when it comes to human sexuality.

SH: It isn’t down and dirty for me... It’s a little down and dirty.

GH: My character is not satisfied with one woman. That we can reveal.

DS: The reason we cast Gregory Harrison is because we wanted his storyline to be very sexy.

CBS's other legal drama, The Good Wife, has some very sexy moments. Are you sexier?

DS: We definitely are pushing the censors.

Are there any scenes that you had to leave on the cutting room floor because Standards & Practices said they were too risque?

DS: We had one scene where we were shooting the scene and Sean accidentally ripped his scene partner Georgina’s underwear right off. We were all around the  monitors and she’s saying, “Jesus, should we stop? I guess we should stop.” And she’s saying, “No, no let’s keep going.” He was supposed to take off her prop panties and the real ones came off, too. That particular scene was the only scene in thirteen episodes where they said, ‘Hey, you might need to pull that back.” The cut that I loved did not quite make it in because there was a little too much of the dropped head  thing.

SH: You’re talking about the [sex] scene where her head drops out of [camera] range.

Is your goal for Reckless to become a summer staple that we’ll be watching for the next five years?

DS: That would be awesome.

SH: The next 20 years.

AW: You have been pleading with the writers to hook up with me.

Can you sum up the Reckless experience and tell our readers why they need to be a part of it?

SH: It’s a serialized legal procedural that’s also intensely character driven and those that are interested in a case of the week format will be highly entertained, but the real DNA of our show is the complicated romantic relationships that occur between all the characters.

DS: And I will say that a show like ER where you fell in love with every actor on the show. You didn’t know who they were, but you were falling in love with George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. This is that kind of show where you will fall in love with all these actors.

 Reckless airs at 9 pm EST this summer on CBS.