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INTERVIEW: DAYS' Casey Moss on J.J. and The Donovan Women — "It's Going to Get Dirty"

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J.J. Devereaux went from a teen bad boy to a boy scout on NBC's Days of Our Lives.

On the red carpet at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys, J.J.'s portrayer, Casey Moss, talked about playing both sides of the complicated character and hinted the return of Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) could make J.J. break bad.

Daytime Confidential: Things are going to be heating up for J.J., now that Eve’s come to Salem and he’s learned his girlfriend is the daughter of his mother’s worst enemy.

Casey Moss: He’s kind of getting around in the family, Theresa and now Paige.

DC: How will Eve’s arrival impact what has until now been a G-rated relationship?

CM: It’s going to get dirty pretty soon. It took me for a ride, these last episodes [I filmed]. It was pretty crazy. It blew my mind reading the scripts.

DC: Are we going to see J.J.’s bad boy side again?

CM: I’ll just wink at you for that one. How about that?

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DC: It looks like Theresa and J.J. are headed back into each other’s orbits.

CM: I can’t seem to get away from her.

DC: They seem to have a fatal attraction, as much as she tries to deny it. Will they act on it?

CM: Possibly. Maybe. No. I don’t know.

DC: What has it been like playing J.J. as a good guy after playing him as a rebel?

CM: I think it’s cool. It’s a different way to switch things up. Like I’ve said in past interviews, I’m still not all one color. There’s still shades of grey in there.

DC: Can you reveal any hints about what’s coming up for your character?

CM: It’s going to be an absolute roller coaster. During the summer it gets pretty gnarly.

Eve’s ultimate revenge on Jennifer would be hooking up with J.J.

CM: I’m not saying a word.