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INTERVIEW: Bryan Craig and Kelly Thiebaud on Morgan and Britt Possibly Crossing Paths on GH

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On screen, General Hospital's Morgan (Bryan Craig) and Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) have never interacted. Off screen, the actors who play the morally-ambiguous children of two of Port Charles's most notorious criminals are a couple.


On red carpet at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys, the duo discussed their relationships with their on-screen parents, their characters' quests to reunite with their exes and whether Britt and Morgan will ever meet.
Daytime Confidential: Is Britt the worst doctor ever?

Kelly Thiebaud: She shouldn’t even be a doctor. I don’t even know how she’s allowed to set foot in the hospital.

DC: Are we ever going to see the two of you together on GH? Britt and Morgan never cross paths.

KT: We’re hoping.

Bryan Craig: They’re doing things to bring our characters closer and closer to meeting. She’s running into people that I’m related to and vice versa, so it could happen. We honestly don’t know. We hope that it does.

DC: Your characters have common ground; you both had relationships end because of issues surrounding the conception of a child.

BC: I don’t really see how either of our relationships could be rekindled after what’s happened between [Britt] and [Nik] and [Morgan] and [Ava.]  But it’s a soap opera and anything can happen.

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DC: Both of your characters have complicated relationships with your parents. Can you talk about what it’s been like working with Maurice Benard and Kathleen Gati?

KT: It’s really fun. I mean, Kathleen is very talented and works really hard. We have a great connection which makes it fun when I have scenes with her and brings this playful, devious attitude to the show and towards my character, so it makes it fun for me. I enjoy that relationship a lot.

BC: I’ve become really close with Maurice Benard, who plays my dad, Sonny. I have a great time working with him.

DC: Ava and Morgan are the most scandalous couple on the show. Did you realize how popular they would become when their relationship began?

BC: I had no idea what they would be. It was such a strange situation and I think it still is. But people seem to like it. People like weird.

DC: Morgan has amazing sexual radar. He walked into the crypt and instantly knew that Sonny and Ava slept together. How did he figure it out?

BC: Morgan has a lot of sex, obviously.

DC: Britt learned she has a brother. What sort of relationship are she and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) going to develop?

KT: They’ve been having us have random encounters here and there. I’m really looking forward to a family reunion with Donna Mills and Michelle Stafford. That would be really cool.