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INTERVIEW: The Young and the Restless' Hunter King Talks Summer's Two Dads, a New Mom and Austin

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Hunter King won the 2014 Daytime Emmy in the Younger Leading Actress category for her portrayal of Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless. It's been quite a year for Summer.

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She's grappled with a comatose mother, a faked paternity test that has her believing she's an Abbott. Now she's fallen in love at first sight with a guy who just shot the chief of police.

On the red carpet, King shared her thought on Summer's instant romance, the Phyllis recast and whether Summer's an Abbott or Newman at heart.

Daytime Confidential: Summer has decided a guy who harassed her aunt and shot the police chief is the love of her life. What the hell is she thinking?

Hunter King: She’s head over heels in love and [Austin] really understands where she’s coming from. So I think she’s in a lonely place and she doesn’t want to admit it and she’s going to him for comfort.

DC: But she only knew Austin for a couple weeks before she decided to go on the run with him. What does she see in him that nobody else does?

HK: There’s something in her telling him that he’s a really good guy. She’s trusting her instincts, because she doesn’t have a mom to talk to.

DC: How will Summer and Austin’s relationship develop? It seems like he’ll be locked up for the foreseeable future.

HK: There are a lot of exciting things coming up. They don’t know if he’s going to go to prison, if he’s not going to go to prison, what’s going to happen. But there are such fun things that we’ve already played. I’m really excited for the fans to see it.

DC: You’re getting a new TV mom. Have you worked with Gina Tognoni, the new Phyllis, yet?

HK: I haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m really excited to play all the emotions I assume will come with those scenes. I’m thrilled to have my mom back.

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DC: When Phyllis wakes up and the truth presumably comes out, Summer is going to lose Jack as a father and regain Nick.

HK: I know. We’ll see. I’m very curious to see if she’ll be on the fence about what to do, because she has such a strong relationship with Jack. Maybe she’ll come out of it with two dads?

DC: Do you know when the truth will be revealed?

HK: No. I’m like a fan: when’s it going to happen? But I’m still waiting.

DC: It’s interesting. Y&R has a bunch of young characters, but until the past few weeks, you haven’t had major storylines.  Will you and the rest of the twenty-somethings be moving to the front burner this summer?

HK: Yeah. Summer’s coming up. It’s Summer’s season. We have a lot of fun stuff. A lot of bikinis and fun scenes like that coming up. We’re excited.

DC: Who else will Summer be hanging out with?

HK: A lot of Noah and Courtney, her brother and his girlfriend. She’s hanging out with friends.

DC: What sort of relationship will develop between Summer and Mariah? Summer was sort of conceived because Cassie died.

HK: We’ll see. I actually have some scenes coming up next week with Mariah.

DC:Do you think Summer’s more of an Abbott or more of a Newman?

HK: I think she’s still more of a Newman. There’s a lot of Newman in her. I think there’s some of both, but she’s still still a Newman. She’s holding on.