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INTERVIEW: Days of Our Lives' Guy Wilson Wants Will to Be The "Harvey Milk of Salem"

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Guy Wilson took over the role of Days of Our Lives' Will Horton from Chandler Massey, who recently won his third Daytime Emmy. Since then, Wilson has been a part of DAYS' first gay wedding and bid goodbye to the prison-bound mother of his child.


On the Daytime Emmys red carpet, Wilson discussed following in the footsteps of an Emmy winner, how Sami's (Alison Sweeney) departure will impact Will and whether WilSon will soon find themselves in a love triangle.

Daytime Confidential: Chandler Massey is up for an Emmy tonight. What was it like taking over the role of Will from him?

Guy Wilson: I was very fortunate. He did a great job of furthering the character creatively. Will was so fully fleshed out that all I had to do was step in and continue the story.

DC: With Gabi in prison, Will and Sonny are living on their own for the first time. How will that change the dynamic between them?

GW: Now we’ve got to buckle down and be responsible on a 24/7 basis. Will steps up to the plate. If there’s one thing Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will do well, it’s fatherhood. Whether or not there are going to be speed bumps in the relationship, I can’t say too much—there will be—our dedication to our daughter will never waiver.

DC: There has been fan speculation that Ben is gay and there may be a love triangle with Will and Sonny.

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GW: I’m going to have to plead the fifth on that one.

DC: Would you like to play that type of story? Will and Sonny are so young to be married. It’s not about being gay or straight, Will’s still in college.

GW: I think you’re very astute in that observation. One thing Freddie [Smith] and I are looking forward to is, if that storyline develops and evolves, it will really allow us to have much more an adult storyline, because we’ve been such good little angels in terms of how we treated each other and that’s great, but as actors it’s always fun when you have a really visceral storyline that comes with having a broken heart. So we’ll see.

DC: Sami will be leaving the show soon. How will not having his mother around impact Will?

GW: The effects of that are still developing. I can’t really speak to how [Sami and E.J.] leave, although it’s mind-blowing. It was so much fun shooting and being involved in those storylines and having scenes with those powerhouse actors. I think just as Will and Sonny had to evolve with just being fathers, now Will has that much more responsibility to be his own leader, whereas he had E.J. (James Scott) as a pseudo father-figure. Now, Will needs to be a father figure.

DC: What would you like Will’s storyline to be? He’ll graduate from college soon. Since he’s a writer, should he become the editor of Salem’s newspaper?

GW: He is certainly going to be pursuing his writing and he is going to find some very interesting success in that department and he’s going to [attract] a lot of attention. I’d really like to see him further his social and political influence over the town of Salem.  I’d like to really see him evolve into a leadership position, much like E.J. DiMera was.

DC: You mean Mayor Will Horton?

GW: I think that would be awesome. I think that would be so fun. He’d be sort of like the new Harvey Milk of Salem.