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Sherri Shepherd Petitions to Terminate Rights to Unborn Baby


Sherri Shepherd celebrated America's independence in a unique way this past weekend. In a new twist, the outgoing co-host of The View asked a judge to cut her parental rights to estranged husband Lamar "Sal" Sally's unborn baby via surrogate!

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TMZ is reporting Shepherd wants to relinquish her custodial rights to the unborn child, claiming her soon-to-be ex tricked her into having a child with the intentions of divorcing her so he can get child support.

It seems the baby, which is due this month, was created with Sally's sperm, but not Shepherd's egg. Child, this sounds like something straight out of a daytime soap opera!

Shepherd wants a judge to declare she has no parental rights to the child, so she doesn't have to pay child support. Shepherd filed for divorce in New Jersey. The Garden State doesn't recognize surrogacy agreements. Sally filed in California, where surrogacy agreements are upheld, reports TMZ.