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Wishful Casting: General Hospital Alum Drew Garrett as Lil D on The Bold and the Beautiful


Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) is once again stirring up drama for his daughter Hope Logan (Kim Matula) on CBS Daytime's hit sudser The Bold and the Beautiful, but what about the son he fought so hard to take away from the Forresters? Isn't it time for Eric Deacon "Lil D" Sharpe to pay a visit to SoCal? Who better to play the role than former General Hospital teen star Drew Garrett (ex-Michael)?

The above picture of Garrett and Kanan, at a Daytime Emmy gifting suite a few years ago, inspired many a GH lover to go "What If?" concerning Michael Corinthos III one day reuniting with his biological father AJ Quartermaine. Alas, Mikey did reconnect with his dad on GH, but with current incarnation Chad Duell in the role, not Garrett.

B&B is already cashing in on the connection between ex-Quartermaines Kanan, Rena Sofer and Scott Clifton (Sofer played Q-in-law Lois Cerullo Ashton; Clifton played grandson Dillon Quartermaine on the ABC soap) as Deacon, Quinn and Liam interact heavily on the 30-minute CBS serial. Why not add the incredibly-talented Garrett to the mix?

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Lil D recently came up in dialogue on B&B, as Deacon informed Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) his son was away at school. Imagine the young man, who was once raised as the privileged son of Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), showing up in town with one helluva chip on his shoulder!

Growing up with an alcoholic convict for a father (Not to mention Amber and Tawny as maternal figures!), as opposed to coming of age in the lap of Forrester luxury, would make anyone a bit resentful. Meanwhile, Lil D's half-sister Hope has been afforded the lifestyle of his trailer park dreams. How would Lil D react when he learns Deacon handed over the shares of Forrester Creations Brooke bequeathed him to the late Stephanie Forrester?

There's also virginal Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) to consider. When she inevitably learns Oliver (Zack Conroy) began dating her to secure his position at Forrester Creations, she will need a shoulder to cry on. Why not Lil D's?

What do you think? Should B&B reach out to Drew Garrett to recreate the role of Deacon's son? Sound off in the comments!