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INTERVIEW: GH's Ryan Paevey on His Good Looks and Nathan and Maxie Going From Friends to Lovers

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The Daytime Emmys were a memorable night for General Hospital'Ryan Paevey, but for the wrong reason. A clip of inept red carpet host Brittany Furlan's lewd remarks about him went viral and was posted on numerous entertainment websites.

On the red carpet, however, he was focused solely on GH. The daytime newcomer shared his thoughts on his character, Nathan's dysfunctional family, his slow burn relationship with Maxie and what it's like to be a member of the Port Charles branch of the Handsome Men's Club.

Daytime Confidential: GH is full of good looking men, but you're the one that makes other characters on the show say, “Damn, he’s good looking.” What’s that been like?

Ryan Paevey: Simultaneously flattering and awkward, if that makes any sense. It’s awesome. While I don’t necessarily know that I walk around thinking that, but anytime anyone says anything like that, it’s good.

DC: The audience knows that Nina is crazy. When is Nathan going to find out?

RP: I don’t know. That’s the kicker. Right now they’re still maintaining that Nina is the one pure memory of my childhood. So as far as Nathan’s concerned, he’s still in the dark. I don’t know when there’s going to be any light there.

DC: What’s it been like getting to know your new TV family?

RP: It’s been awesome. The people who play my TV family are super, super great people to work with. So whenever we’re on set, we pull great work out of each other. I’m curious to see if they make Nathan inherit a little of the crazy seed that seems to run in the line.

DC: So far he’s been a straight arrow.

RP: He’s a straight shooter. I think so.

DC: He was wrong about Silas.

RP: He was, but I think that’s a good example of what happens when you’re really passionate about something personal and close to you. It can blind you.

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DC: Are we going to see more of Madeline in the future?

RP: I get the distinct impression that we will.

DC: Nathan stepped up for Maxie in a big way, when he lied for her at the custody hearing. A lot of the audience already sees them as a potential supercouple. Is she finally going to realize she needs to dump the Australian Cro-Magnon?

RP: There are going to be some moments of revelation where we both admit that there might be something more than just roommates and friends there. So I would watch out for that.

DC: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

RP: I’m going to say John York. I had a couple scenes with him recently and Mac Scorpio is a stand-up guy.

DC: Nathan’s kind of like a young Mac.

RP: I think we’ve found allies in each other on the subject of Maxie as well.

DC: General Hospital is on such a roll, both creatively and in terms of ratings. Was their disappointment that the Daytime Emmys didn’t nominate it for best show?

RP: I think for a hot second maybe there was, but everybody’s so happy with the way things are going. We know it’s going to happen.

DC: GH beat The Young and the Restless in adults 18-49 recently. Did you party on the set?

RP: There wasn’t a lot of onset partying. There was a moment of “Yeah, we did it!” When we’re on set it’s great, professional machine, if that makes any sense. When we’re there, we’re business and that’s how we’re going to do it.

DC: This is your first soap role. How did you adjust to the insanely-fast shooting schedule, where you shot 90 pages a day?

RP: Oh, no. We shoot 130. I frequently have somewhere between 30 and 50 to myself. In the beginning it was intimidating, but now, I’m one of those people where it has to be hectic for me, because it wakes me up. It’s exiting. I love it.