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Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Rosie O'Donnell's Return to The View: "Talk About Not Securing The Border"

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There is still no love lost between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O'Donnell. Hasselbeck let her feelings be known about O'Donnell's return to The View, when the vacationing talking head called in to Fox and Friends on Wednesday.

Hasselbeck remarked:

Talk about not securing the border. Here in comes to The View the very woman who’s spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and, really spit in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there –  coming back with a bunch of control, ready to regain The View with a seat at that table. Not surprising, I do believe this has been in the works for a long, long time.

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O'Donnell originally appeared on The View in 2006-07 for one season. She and Hasselbeck infamously caused producers to cut to a split screen, while ripping one another to shreds over the war in Iraq.

Hasselbeck threw additional shade during her Fox & Friends call-in, stating:

Go back to the reunion show for Barbara, how odd is this? When you have a woman who again insinuated that our own troops are terrorists in Iraq at the time, [who] left the show…while still at the end of her contract – to have such ease the day of Barbara’s goodbye show was shocking to me. She walked around with a lot of control and then when I had the chance to talk to her, Rosie herself, told me, on-set while we were mic-ed up, that she produced the reunion show to have everybody together and that it was her idea. Now, do you think the woman who left the way that she did would be producing Barbara’s goodbye show? Here’s the shocker, it was actually her ‘Hello Show'.

Watch what Hasselbeck has to say about O'Donnell working with Whoopi Goldberg and going back to the show below.