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Perkie's Observations: Can Rafe's Heart Save Alice on General Hospital?



Who reported Levi's immigration status? A psycho and a killer explore art therapy. Forget LSD, Olivia has babies on the brain. Will Tracy rip Rafe's heart from his body to give it to Alice? All this and much more in the today's General Hospital recap!

Kiki points out that Rafe's death will mean something. She begs Silas to consider donating his heart. Silas agrees to talk to the Quartermaines.

Tracy's breaking her arm patting herself on the back for suggesting Rafe's heart when Silas tells them he's agreed to the donation. Silas says Rafe has a good heart–you know, if you don't count that whole "I ran over a family and left them to die" thing. Silas agrees to go through the medical records with Monica to ensure there are no complications.

Dr. Obrecht praises Franco for his first day on the job. She hopes his good work continues so the hospital will be recognized and receive funding.

Nina hallucinates that Rafe has woken up and is warning her that he'll tell Silas the truth. Nina yells at him to keep his mouth shut. Franco finds her yelling at Rafe to say something. Nina admits she thought Rafe was awake. Franco says sometimes that would happen to him as well.

Franco assures her that she's simply under stress. He explains he's an art therapist who helps people deal with emotions.

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Maxie accuses Nathan of calling ICE on Levi. However, Nathan tells her that he gave his word, because she asked him to. Maxie wonders if he told anyone else. Nathan admits that he told Dante, but swears Dante wouldn't have done anything either.

Nathan mentions Mac's dislike for Levi, which makes Maxie even angrier. Nathan tells her that he wants the old Maxie back, the one who thinks for herself. Maxie decides she's going to find out who ratted out Levi. I'm thinking she should check her own bedroom, since my money is on the doofus from down under.

Olivia wants to know how soon she'll be a grandmother again, but Lulu says it hasn't been discussed. Olivia mentions finding Delia with the flash drive. Dante wonders what's so important on the drive that Ava would send her mother to get it.

Lulu thinks Olivia still has feelings for Sonny, but Olivia swears she's not going back.

Dante and Mac discuss their mutual dislike for Levi. Dante tells him about Levi's arrest. Maxie arrives and demands to know which one of them wants to have Levi deported. Meanwhile, Levi accuses Nathan of calling in the tip.

Sonny tells Carly about Delia and how she had the drive when she was caught. He's more worried about Franco, but Carly says Franco isn't a threat. Sonny's quick to remember that Carly's a lying liar who lies and insists on knowing the truth. Carly admits that she caught Franco about to tell Michael about AJ's death. She swears it was a momentary lapse and Franco can be trusted. Sonny disagrees.

Liesl finds Monica and Silas going over Rafe's medical records. Monica feels his heart may be smaller, but it should work. They are just waiting for his toxicology results. Silas admits that Rafe had been doing cocaine, but not for long. Liesl gives the okay for the transplant.

The Quartermaines are celebrating their good fortune when Dr. Obrecht tells them that there's a problem. According to the tox report, Rafe tested positive for heroine, which means his heart can't be given to Alice.