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Perkie's Observations: Did Nathan Drop a Dime on Levi on General Hospital?

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Sonny is angry Franco can tell Michael the truth at any time. Carly points out Franco isn't a mob soldier who Sonny can have killed.

Franco arrives and Sonny accuses him of almost telling Michael. Franco promises it was a momentary lapse. Sonny's secret is safe with him. He questions whether Sonny is planning on killing him.
Franco tells him to do it now. Sonny says he doesn't get his own hands dirty and would never implicate Carly.

After Sonny leaves, Carly says she tried to protect Franco, but Sonny saw through her lies. Franco feels he doesn't know her. Carly says she was screwed up before Michael. Now she's better, but will choose her children over him every time.

Carly says Sonny's threatened by Franco. He will push back and she doesn't know how long she can keep Sonny away from him. She begs Franco to accept Sonny as a part of her life, and to stop antagonizing him.

Levi accuses Nathan of calling I.C.E. He asks where Maxie is.

Nathan tells him she went looking for Mac and Dante. The two head to The Floating Rib.

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Maxie demands to know who called immigration on Levi. Mac and Dante deny doing it.

When Nathan arrives, he apologizes to Mac and Dante for sending Maxie their way. All three men deny making the call. Levi asks to see Nathan's phone and tells Maxie to check the last calls.
Brad blames Felix for messing things up with Lucas. Brad feels he and Lucas have lots of passion.

Felix says he was starting to feel something for Lucas. The two decide to drown their sorrows together.

Lucas explains to Julian what happened with Brad and Felix. He says he gets along well with Felix, but the passion is stronger with Brad.
Julian asks which one he chose. Brad and Felix arrive together, making Lucas angry again.

Jordan runs into Shawn, before her dinner with Mickey. The two briefly reminisce about their past.

Mickey arrives. He and Jordan discuss her past, and how much he knows about it. Mickey says the boss would like more details about her time in prison.
Jordan wants to know more about the boss. Mickey reaches for her hand. Shawn approaches the table and warns Mickey to keep his hands off of her.

Mickey displays his gun and warns off Shawn. Jordan is forced to come between them, until Sonny drags Shawn away.

Sonny wonders what's between Shawn and Jordan. Shawn claims she's just TJ's mom. Sonny asks him for help in dealing with Franco.

Mickey questions Jordan's involvement with Shawn. She assures him they're just friends. Mickey wants them to move their dinner to his room for dessert.
Maxie checks Nathan's phone and finds an 800 number. Levi tells her to re-dial. The phone rings up Immigration.