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TCA SCOOP: ABC's Paul Lee on How General Hospital's Cartini "Reinvented Daytime Soaps"

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General Hospital was one of three scripted ABC programs to improve its ratings this season. The other two, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, get tons of promotion and marketing, while GH has achieved its growth largely on its own.

At the summer Television Critics Association panels, I asked ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee about GH's great year and the network's plans for its last surviving daytime soap opera. Though the network doesn't have any plans to give GH any primetime promos, much less the billboards it had in the 1990's, it's safe to say  executive producer Frank Valentini  and head writer Ron Carlivati's jobs are safe.

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"Part of [the reason for the show's growth] is those showrunners are so good," said Lee. "They’ve really, I think, reinvented daytime soaps. They had the advantage of pulling in some various strands from the other two soaps,and [GH] is the only one that we play in the afternoon, but I think General Hospital’s story is one of the great success stories of the past couple years and I think those showrunners, as well as the talent, [get] the credit for it. There are some things we could do beyond that, but right now we’re focused on making it the best show we can make it, and they are."