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DC #769: Veggie Tales

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On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe, Melodie Aikels and Regan Cellura dish the latest daytime headlines and storylines.


Does Ridge need fashion Viagra to erect his inspiration and creativity on The Bold and the Beautiful?B&B did the impossible, they made Melodie feel sorry for Wyatt. Why is Maya all of a sudden so obsessed with the Forrester money?

Sami unleashes the secret about EJabby's affair on Salem, as Jennifer tries to protect her daughter from Sami's wrath on Days of Our Lives. Should Eve and JJ end up in a Mrs. Robinson storyline? Theresa attacks John after trying to blackmail him out of $1 million.

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Rafe's surgery doesn't go well and he ends up a veggie tale on General Hospital. Should parents trust their sick children with Franco?

Speaking of Franco, did anyone else enjoy Franco and Nina's chemistry? Brad and Felix face off over Lucas. Everyone on the DC crew wants Levi, aka the wombat, to die a quick and horrible death. Jillian would even give Franco a pardon if he killed him. The last thing anyone wants is for Maxie and Levi to end up married.

Devon is obsessed with his stepmother. They couldn't keep their hands off each other and Cane caught them about to have sex. Summer's storyline is a snore. The only thing that makes it watchable is the anticipation of Phyllis' return. The Young and the Restless isn't finished anchoring Dylan to the canvas.