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Perkie's Observations: Rafe's Heroin-Soaked, Tell-Tale Heart Stops Beating on General Hospital

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Silas tells Nina he heard her having nightmares the night before. He knows they were about Rafe. Nina admits she feels badly for Rafe, and for Silas who needs to pull the plug today.

Molly has a dream about Rafe telling her he was forced to run Patrick off the road. She doesn't remember it once she wakes up. She wants to ask Rafe about it.

Alexis and TJ tell her Rafe is brain dead. Rafe didn't deserve this, Molly cries. She wants to be there when he's removed from life support.

Alexis isn't sure. Molly didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her father and wants the chance with Rafe.

Michael is angry with Tracy for not waiting to tell Alice about the heart. He still wants to know what Alice needed to tell him about Tracy. Tracy tells him this isn't the time to deal with it.

Morgan and Kiki decide it's a good idea to walk around a construction site nearly naked in bare feet. Morgan's upset Tracy promised Alice the heart before they knew it was viable. Michael comes by to pick them up. He doesn't seem happy about how chummy the exes are.

Liz commiserates with Sam about Rafe's condition. Sam says Silas blames Patrick; something Liz believes is nonsense. Sam wonders when will be the right time to convince Silas that Rafe's death is not Patrick's fault.

Britt replaces Alice as camp counselor, thanks to Spencer's scheming. She tells Nikolas the kids are running her ragged; he offers to help.

Britt hopes they can one day be friends again. Josslyn splashes Britt with a water balloon, thanks once again to Spencer's machinations.

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A drenched Britt removes her top in front of Nikolas — and the children of Port Charles. Then Nikolas grows a brain and realizes he's being played. Oops. Sorry, that didn't happen! Instead, Nikolas whipped off his shirt as well.

Nina tells Rosalie about seeing Rafe awake. She feels guilty for paying off Rafe and sending him out in the car. She knew about the drug use and how upset he was. Nina feels she needs to tell Silas the truth.

Rosalie says Silas won't forgive her. He'll hate Nina and she will have given up her power. A determined Nina heads off to find Silas.

Sam tells Silas that Rafe's heart can't be donated because of heroin exposure. Silas is upset Rafe's heart won't be saving another life.

Sam tells him he doesn't have to pull the plug today. Silas feels Rafe deserves to die with dignity. He's suffered enough.

Tracy explains to Alice there was a complication wtih Rafe's heart, but reminds her she's still at the top of the transplant list. Tracy promises she won't stop until she finds Alice a new heart. However, Tracy wants Alice to zip it about her plans to oust Michael at ELQ.

Felix and Liz make small talk about her being reinstated at GH. Felix wonders how Liz will feel if Britt and Nikolas get back together. At the park, Liz spots Britt and Nik together.

Molly, TJ, Alexis, Sam, Kiki and Silas say their goodbyes to Rafe. Silas turns off the machines.

Silas thanks Molly for caring. Rafe dies. Back in her room, Molly wishes she could remember what Rafe told her in the car.

Kelly Monaco and Haley Pullos should offer seminars on how to cry. I didn't care about Rafe one bit, but their tears made me weepy.

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