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Brian Gaskill Presents Crowdfunded Indie Short 'The Speech' (VIDEO)

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Brian Gaskill is a jack of all trades in the short independent film The Speech.

Multi-soap vet Brian Gaskill is throwing his hat into the world of short films. He recently starred in a new independent short entitled, The Speech.

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Not only does Gaskill lend his acting skills to the short, opposite actress Clea Rivera, but he also wrote and co-directed it with Garrett Robinson.

The story takes place at a wedding reception, where Tommy (Gaskill) and Annabelle (Rivera) sneak away for a few moments alone. The couple recounts their past, and how it impacts their relationship in the present. Their walk down memory lane isn't all rainbows and butterflies. The duo's talk gives Tommy the courage to give the speech of a lifetime.

The film was funded by a grassroots Kickstarter campaign. It can be viewed on We Make Movies, a film collective and workshop for filmmakers.

Check out The Speech in its entirety below.