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Opinion: Why Rafe Never Should Have Died on General Hospital (VIDEO)

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Another child of Port Charles has died. When the talented Jimmy Deshler first took on the role of Rafe Kovich, Jr. in January 2013, he became involved in vampire and baby caper storylines.


Later, he was the center of a custody battle, and became involved in a love triangle for the heart of Molly (Haley Pullos). He wasn’t on much, but Rafe was always a good character with a lot of potential. As time went on, his appearances became fewer and fewer. Rafe would disappear for months at a time. He started showing up again last June, it seems, just as part of his exit story.

On Wednesday, Rafe was surrounded by friends and family as he faded away to Soap Heaven. Well, “friends and family” is a bit of a stretch, since he’s been overlooked by everyone for a long time. Uncle Silas (Michael Easton), Sam (KellyMonaco), TJ (Tequan Richmond), Molly, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Kiki (Kristen Alderson) were all there for final goodbyes.

Rafe’s connection to the Clay family was explored, but he was also a member of the Barrington and Kovich clans, which was largely forgotten. They had Kiki crying over her brain dead cousin, when the two never really had a relationship.

It would have been nice if Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), Port Charles' resident vampire slayer, had been in the hospital room. Lucy risked her life and her sanity to protect Rafe!

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Kiki voiced aloud how she wished she and her cousin could have gotten to know each other better. What prevented this from happening? It all felt really shallow.

Silas and Sam had more or less forgotten about Rafe, before he turned up one day addicted to drugs. These people fought for custody of this youth with everything they had, then he became an afterthought in the wake of the Nina (Michelle Stafford) saga. Yet, boy did they sob at his bedside.

Silas and Sam should feel guilty about abandoning Rafe, and TPTB should also have a bit of remorse for not exploring this character more.

Watch Rafe's death scene below.

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