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Perkie's Observations: Will Silas Crucify Patrick in the Press on General Hospital?

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Nina tells Silas she needs to confess something, but he's too distraught to care. Silas runs into Liesl and blames her for allowing Patrick to operate on Rafe.

Liesl reminds him Rafe would have died without the operation, something Silas doesn't believe. Silas warns he'll hold a press conference. Liesl counters he won't want his and Rafe's dirty secrets to come out. Liesl says Silas is the one who failed Rafe.

Nathan gets home to find the locks changed and Maxie dumping his stuff in the hall. She's evicting him, despite the fact he's paid up until the end of the month. Maxie believes Nathan called I.C.E. on Levi.

Nathan swears he didn't make the call. He asks her who had motive to set him up. Levi arrives and Nathan points the finger at the Aussie. Levi remembers making the call, but claims he didn't.

Maxie tells Nathan to leave. Nathan promises to prove Levi is up to no good.

Anna apologizes to Patrick for dropping the ball in the investigation of his accident. Patrick tells her Silas blames him for Rafe's death. Anna assures him once Silas has finished grieving he will realize the truth.

Anna asks about Robin. Patrick admits he's getting divorce papers drawn up.

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Patrick says he has no choice. Robin walked out on them. Anna believes something has to be wrong, to make Robin behave this way.

Patrick says there are things Anna doesn't know about. Robin doesn't put her family first. Anna wonders if there is something Patrick is not telling her. They're interrupted by Dr. Obrecht.

Liesl tells Patrick that Silas wants to go public. He could cause problems.

She suggests they get ahead of Silas and make their own statement proclaiming Patrick's innocence. Patrick agrees to the press conference

Liz decides to join Britt as camp counselor. Spencer thinks up a plot to have games for both sides, but in the end Liz garners Nik's attention. Later on, Spencer plans to run away.

Sam and Silas head to the roof to talk. Nina follows them to eavesdrop, despite Rosalie's objections. What if someone sees her out of the chair?

Sam warns Silas not to go against Liesl. It won't change anything and could make things worst.

Silas counters she's worried he will make trouble for Patrick. Sam says Patrick didn't hurt Rafe. She asked him and he denied it. Silas accuses her of being blinded by her friendship with Patrick.

Sam tells him Patrick admitted he wanted to hurt Rafe, but couldn't do it. Sam says she believes Patrick. She's worried Rafe's name will be smeared if Silas goes after Patrick.

Nina tells Rosalie what she overheard. She knows how to break up Sam and Silas.