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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Billy Gets The Goods on Stitch!

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Billy/Victoria/Stitch:  Next week, the Newman heiress tells the mysterious doc she wants him and only him, even if her child is Billy's. Look for Stitch to be thrilled by Victoria's declaration, just as Billy gets the information Kevin and Chelsea dug up on his rival. Will Billy get Stitch to confess his sins?


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The newlyweds have a rough time at the Abbott family dinner. Is Summer's new husband man enough to handle the scorn of her "family"?

Billy/Chelsea: The new couple's romantic evening hits a snag.

Victor: The Black Knight wants a certain flame-haired sleeping beauty to open her eyes! Will he be able to convince Phyllis's doctors to let him use the experimental drug he's tracked down on Red?

Ian/Nikki/Paul/Cricket: Nikki's diary just may save the day for the socialite. Watch for Ian to be livid following the revelations Nikki jotted down during her time in the cult. Also, some of Nikki's journal entries could bring embarrassment to House Newman.

Meanwhile, Paul royally ticks off Cricket when he wants to take the stand for Nikki. How much longer can Mrs. Williams take her man running to Nikki's rescue?