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Is Alexis an Idiot For Falling for Julian on General Hospital?

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Julexis, Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry, GH, Hunk

General Hospital's Alexis has a thing for bad boys, but does falling for Julian make her a tool?

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TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan caught up with Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry and chatted about the relationship growing between their characters.

TV Guide Magazine: Some fans think smart, kickass Alexis is being an idiot for falling, yet again, for a bad guy. Thoughts?

Grahn: Hey, I do that in my own life! I'm smart. I'm successful. I'm not an idiot. But my last relationship was very similar to all my other relationships. I keep picking the guy who isn't available. We all have our flaws.

deVry: And Julian is experiencing emotions he's never felt before. He really wants to leave the mob for Alexis. Of course, he can't. If he does, everyone he loves will be dead. The fans understand why he's lying to her.

Grahn also revealed she's glad deVry is the one stripping down for their sex scenes. Apparently, some of her past sex scene partners preferred to be covered up.

TV Guide Magazine: So no spray tans for you, sir?

Grahn: No. He does sit-ups.

deVry: I had Nancy doing sit-ups on the floor right before our last sex scene.

Grahn: I'm just glad Will's the one getting naked. Frank says he wants wild sex where we rip each other's clothes off. And I'm telling the costumers, "Layers, give me layers!" Why am I stripping? It's Will they wanna see. Lane Davies would never take off his shirt. After sex scenes with him, I'd be the one naked and he'd be in a robe! Same thing with Maurice Benard — the girls all have to get naked, not him. But Will is gorgeous, with a phenomenal physique, so I'm, like, "Okay, buddy, take it away!"