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INTERVIEW: General Hospital's Ryan Paevey Talks Going Viral, Handcuffs and Wedding Bells

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Ryan Paevey

Ryan Paevey, who plays Nathan West on General Hospital never expected his first trip to the Daytime Emmys would end up being streamed on The Wrap and, among other websites. But when the YouTube personalities who “hosted” the red carpet show “joked” about raping him, the clip was posted on numerous websites as a shocking example of how bad the pre-show was.

At the ABC summer TCA cocktail party, Paevey shared his thoughts on going viral, being handcuffed to Kristen Storms and whether Nathan’s romantic rival, Levi (Zachary Garred), has a hidden agenda.

Daytime Confidential: Thanks to the “hosts” of the Daytime Emmys red carpet show, a clip of you went viral in a way that I’m sure you never intended. What was that like for you?

Ryan Paevey: I definitely think the response took me by surprise. At the time, I didn’t really think anything of it. I just kind of felt like it was an attempt at a humorous exchange that didn’t quite go well, or at least as intended, and then I left. I went and I had dinner and spent time with my co-stars and that was that. But when I woke up the next day, it was an entirely different story. So I was totally blown away by the frenzy that took place. It was a little crazy.

DC:What was it like to film those handcuffs scenes with Kirsten Storms?

RP: The handcuff scenes were fun. We were talking about it earlier today. When you get the pages and you’re looking at the papers, I was like, "Aw man, I don’t know how we’re going to make this work", but to this day, probably my favorite week of shooting, super fun. It turned out super funny. We had a great time doing it. I was laughing with her. It was kind of like a potato bag race. We were chained together, trying to figure out how to walk together , crawling around on the floor and flipping. It was fun.

DC: You and Kirsten Storms have such great chemistry.  How did you manage to build it with her being off the show for several months?

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RP: I think it’s just because everyone on the show is awesome. We’re friends outside of the show as well, so I think you can’t help but bring personal friendships with you to set. Whether you play allies or enemies on the show, if you have a good relationship outside the show, I don’t think that can do anything but benefit it.

DC: Is Maxie going to end up marrying that jerk Levi so he can stay in the United States?

RP: I can’t tell you that! You’ve got to watch. I can definitely tell you that in the next two weeks things are going to get really crazy.

DC: There has been some speculation that Levi has some other agenda or connection to another storyline. Are viewers on the right track?

RP: I think you might be on the right track. I think there’s more to Levi than meets the eye.

DC: Is he really even Australian? Mac seems to find something off about his accent.

RP: You’ll have to watch.

DC: What else is coming up for Nathan? He’s one of the few people who knows that Ric is alive and he’s Nina’s brother, so he’s mixed up in a lot.

RP: I do know a lot of stuff, but I can tell you that right now, as far as Nathan is concerned, this is where we are focused.

RP: Can you give me a couple teasers abut GH in general?

DC:I’ll leave you with this: there may or may not be some wedding bells in the near future.