Sherri Shepherd Wins Custody Battle Against Ex-Husband

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Sherri Shepherd has come out victorious in her ex-husband's custody suit. According to TMZ, Shepherd will maintain primary physical custody of her 9-year-old son Jeffrey.

A judge dismissed ex-husband Jeff Tarpley's claims Shepherd is neglectful parent. Last April, Tarpley filed the claim alleging Shepherd's busy schedule left Jeffrey with bad hygiene, reading a writing at a second grade level and unable to tie his own shoe laces.

Tarpley was attempting to gain full custody and also accused Shepherd of leaving their son with nannies who weren't capable of taking care of Jeffrey, who is a special needs child. A judge nixed his request yesterday saying,

There has not been a material change in circumstances to grant the request.

Shepherd and Tarpley were married for 8 years. Their divorce was satirized in Shepherd's short-lived Lifetime sitcom Sherri.