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Perkie's Observations: Will Julian Rescue Ava From Sonny on General Hospital?

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Lucy complains to Felicia that she found Bobbie in Scott's room. Felicia tells her to follow her heart and fight for him.

Jordan updates Anna that Julian isn't opening up to her. He didn't know about the heroin.

Jordan tells her about Mickey and his interest in her. Anna doesn't want Jordan to sleep with Mickey to get the information they need.

Jordan says there are no other options. She's just as upset about the drugs in town. Jordan admits the idea of sleeping with Mickey disgusts her, but the ends justify the means. Anna agrees with the plan, but says she has her back if needed.

Julian is grateful for the time spent with Alexis, but thinks they need to end things so she can reconcile with Molly. Alexis wonders if there is another solution. Julian offers to sneak around again.

Sonny and Ava run into Morgan at the hospital. Morgan wants to know what's going on between them, but Sonny refuses to discuss it. Ava offers to have Morgan come with them for the exam. Morgan refuses.

Ava thinks Sonny was about to tell Morgan the truth. Sonny is escorted out for the exam. Ava asks the nurse for her phone to call Julian.

Bobbie and Scotty wake up together. She wants to discuss Lucy.

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Scott insists he has a meeting with Anna and doesn't want to talk about it. Bobbie asks if Lucy wants him back who will he choose.

Lucy shows up at their door. She apologizes to Scott about how she treated him. She says she wants him in her life.

Bobbie and Lucy tell Scott he needs to choose one of them. Scott ducks out on them without an answer.

Mickey finds TJ at the hospital. He claims he's D.E.A. in order to get information on Jordan.

He asks about her jail time. TJ says he was living in Port Charles when it happened. He has no idea about her incarceration. Jordan calls and tells Mickey she wants to follow up where they left off.

Ava tells Julian she's not staying with Sonny willingly. She needs his help to get out.

Ava claims she has information on Sonny. Julian says he's out of that life. Ava doesn't believe it. She promises the information is valuable

Morgan meets Rosalie in the park and the two hit it off. Rosalie mentions having problems with her father. Morgan tells her about his situation.

Alexis runs into Sonny at the hospital. She understands his feelings for the baby, despite Ava being the mother. She assures him he's a good father, which Sonny appreciates.

Julian gets to the hospital. Ava begs for his help in escaping from Sonny.