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Perkie's Observations: Are Silas and Sam Over on General Hospital?

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Julian demands to know the information on Sonny and refuses to help Ava until she tells him. Ava admits that Sonny killed AJ, that she convinced Carlos to take the rap and that the proof exists.

Julian agrees to help her and the two head up to the roof, where his chopper will pick them up.

Patrick tells Anna that he was fired for thinking of doing something to Rafe. He says he confessed to Sam and she told Silas. Patrick feels Sam is a good friend and doesn't want to come between her and Silas.

Anna wonders what Patrick will do now. He reassures her that he's staying in town, so as not to uproot Emma. Anna thinks he can reconcile with Robin, but Patrick feels that they can't.
Nina reassures Silas she'll make all the funeral arrangements for Rafe. He thanks her for helping him through this. Sam arrives to talk to Silas. Sam tells Silas that Patrick was fired. Silas tells her again that he didn't tell the reporter. However, Sam wants to know how they found out.

Sam believes Nina was responsible, but Silas points out that they were on the roof when they discussed it. Sam admits she is having a hard time trusting Silas since Nina's return. Silas counters that Sam has been spending a lot of time with Patrick.

Sam says Patrick is her friend and she's been helping him. Silas feels he needs to stay with Nina until she's better. Sam feels Nina is trying to sabotage them, because she wants Silas back and Sam out of the way.

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Silas feels Sam's loyalties are to Patrick. Sam claims he still has feelings for Nina and that things don't feel right anymore. Sam says his life is with Nina now, but Silas doesn't want to lose her. Sam says good bye.

Mickey recognizes Alexis as Julian's friend. He introduces himself as Julian's business partner despite Alexis' assertion that Julian is out of the business.

Alexis wants Molly to come home. Molly says she's going back to Sam's, because she can't stay in the house with Julian. Alexis says she and Julian have decided to cool things off. Molly agrees to go home.

Sonny tells Carly about his run in with Morgan and how he wants to tell him the truth about Ava but can't. Sonny's still worried about Franco, despite Carly's reassurances.

Nina comes across Franco's therapy room. Her list of people falls out of her purse and he wonders what it is. Nina claims she needs help remembering the people in Silas's life.

Mickey catches Ava and Julian on the roof and says Ava betrayed the organization and the boss wants her dead. Julian says Ava has dirt on Sonny and they need her alive.

Sonny finds Ava missing. Shawn says all the exits were covered. Sonny realizes she left by the roof. The two head up there, only to find the roof empty and the chopper flying away.

Silas tells Nina that things are over with Sam.

Sam tells her family the same thing.