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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Tries to Evict Sonny on General Hospital

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Mickey and the Jeromes end up at Ava's apartment. Mickey demands to know what evidence Ava has on Sonny and threatens her with the gun. Julian gets the gun from him and demands answers of his own.


Julian is angry with Mickey about the heroin. He says it wasn't part of the agreement and then realizes the cocaine is laced with heroin and swears he's out. Mickey reminds him of what happened the last time he tried to get out. Julian warns him to stay away from his family.

Shawn updates Sonny on Ava's whereabouts and shows him video footage from the hospital rooftop. Sonny gets angry when he sees that Ava turned to Julian, thinking she'll sell him out to her brother. Both are surprised to see Mickey in the footage.

Olivia spots Jordan as she's trying to get into Mickey's room. Jordan claims she's waiting for Mickey. When Olivia leaves Jordan gets in and checks it out for evidence. Jordan is surprised when Shawn lets himself into the room.

Ned overhears Tracy say that she doesn't want the family to find out something. Tracy covers and says she's trying to acquire a heart for Alice through non legal means. Tracy gets upset at all of the loss that the family has suffered.

Tracy feels it's up to her to save the family and Ned promises to help. Tracy tells him to move back into the mansion and Ned agrees. Tracy feels it will give Alice a reason to live.

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Nina celebrates breaking up Sam and Silas and crosses Sam's name off of her list. She wants to make Silas pay for everything that happened to her, including the loss of her baby.

Silas spots Sam and hopes she's come back to reconcile, but Sam feels they aren't working. Patrick arrives and Silas swears that he didn't tell the reporter. Patrick says he'll appeal the firing.

Silas gets home and Nina offers her sympathies for his break up. Rosalie gets under Silas' skin, but Nina defends Silas. When he leaves the room, Rosalie gives Nina some drugs which Nina puts it Silas' drink.

Sam tells Patrick that she and Silas are through and blames Nina. Patrick wonders how Nina could have overheard if she's in a wheelchair. Sam asks the security manager for the footage of the roof, but he tells her that Sonny has it.

Jordan tells Shawn to leave. Shawn is upset that she's going to sleep with Mickey. He grabs her and kisses her. Jordan pulls back and slaps him. Shawn says it's what she wants and grabs her again as Mickey arrives at the room.

Olivia tells Sonny that she's kicking him out of the Metro Court, but Sonny refuses to go. He tells her that Carly won't agree. Olivia accuses him of torturing her. Sonny says it was a mistake to sleep with Ava. He begs Olivia to give her a second chance. Olivia refuses to let him break her heart again.

Olivia runs into Ned and cries in his arms.

Sam stops by to see Sonny and ask for the footage from the roof.