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Perkie's Observations: Tick, Tock, Boom Goes The Bomb on General Hospital

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Silas drinks Nina's cocktail and feels the need to lie down on the couch. Nina goes through the pretense of caring for him. He brings up the reporter before passing out. Nina comments that she can't make a baby with him if he's unconscious.

Ava's grateful for Julian's help, but he still wants to know about the evidence against Sonny. She tells him about the recording on the flash drive. Julian wonders why Sonny wouldn't have destroyed it. Ava admits there something incriminating about her as well.

When pushed, Ava claims it was her admitting to shooting Olivia which would be enough to send her to prison. She explains how she tried to get the drive from Sonny's safe but that he has it back now.

Ava's certain it wasn't the only copy and that Carly probably kept one. Julian wonders how to get it from Carly so Ava thinks of going through Franco, since he has a jealous streak against Sonny.

Mickey's guy places a bomb in Alexis's mailbox. Alexis gets home, happy to have Molly back under her roof.

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Sam explains to Sonny about Patrick confiding in her and her suspicions of Nina. They watch the DVD of Nina and Silas on the roof. The footage shows someone opening the door, but Sam can't see who it was. She decides to let Silas know.

Jordan's upset that Shawn is preventing her from doing her business. Mickey walks in and she explains that she was let into the room and Shawn followed her. Shawn leaves, but not before warning Mickey.

Ned takes Olivia to the hotel bar to calm her down, but they run into Carly and Franco. Olivia tells Carly to help her evict Sonny. Carly says she won't, since Sonny has a valid lease. Olivia accuses her of still having a thing for Sonny.

Franco's not happy to hear someone else mention Carly's connection to Sonny, but Carly is quick to tell him Olivia is the one with the issue.

Shawn tells Sonny that Jordan was in Mickey's room.

When Mickey's not looking, Jordan plants a recording device on the headboard. The two start to make out, but he stops and pulls off the recorder.

Nina manages to wake up Silas, who's confused. She wants to join him on the couch.He picks her up and the fall on top of each other. Nina kisses him as Sam walks in and sees.

Alexis and Julian check in with each other happy to be sneaking around again. Julian gets a text from Mickey about his family. Alexis' house blows up.