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Perkie's Observations: Sam Cock Blocks Silas' Swimmers From Reaching Nina's Ovaries on General Hospital

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Julian gets a text from Mickey and realizes that Alexis is in danger. He heads to her house. Julian is blown back by the explosion. Fire fighters tell him that no one could have survived.


Mickey plays the recording and finds out Jordan is a DEA agent. Jordan tries to pretend that it's a cover for whenever she gets caught, but he doesn't buy it. Mickey says he knew something felt off until he figured out that her prison story was just a cover.

Mickey and Jordan fight and she gets the upper hand and his gun. Mickey taunts that she can't kill him in cold blood. Jordan says she'll arrest him, but Mickey says his one phone call would be to the boss and her operation would be over.

Sam is shocked at Nina and Silas. Silas tries to explain but can't. Nina wonders why Sam is there. Sam says she has something to tell Silas, but changes her mind.

A drunken Olivia is still upset with Carly and again tries to convince her to evict Sonny, but Carly refuses. Olivia continues to complain to Ned, who decides to have her crash in his room.

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Shawn wants to rescue Jordan from Mickey's clutches. While Sonny doesn't like the plan he tells Shawn to do what he feels is right. Shawn goes back to Mickey's room, but changes his mind.

Franco is angry when two gunned goons drag him to Ava's. She tells him that she's certain Carly made a copy of the recording and wants him to find it for her. Franco wants no part in her war with Sonny.

Ava says Carly will drop everything to run to Sonny every time. Franco refuses to help her, saying Carly would never forgive him because it would damage her relationship with Michael. Ava says Carly doesn't have to know. Franco says he has too much to lose, so Ava lets him leave, certain that he'll come around.

Carly goes to Sonny to tell him that Olivia has been yelling at her. She mentions Franco overhearing and not being happy. Sonny warns her that Franco needs to keep his mouth shut. Carly swears Franco isn't a problem.

Sonny tells Carly about Ava taking off, but is certain she's powerless trapped in her own penthouse.

Silas is confused by his condition. Nina claims he had a lot to drink and wants to pick up where they left off. Nina says she wants to be with him, but Silas feels things aren't right

Alexis arrives at her house and Julian is grateful that she's alive. She tells him they all went back to Sam's and that's where the kids are. Sam arrives so Julian takes off. A firefighter tells them that there was an explosion under suspicious circumstances.

Jordan demands to know information but Mickey doesn't want to talk. Julian busts into the room and shoots Mickey.