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Perkie's Observations: Are Maxie and Nathan in Love on General Hospital?

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Jordan is shocked when Julian enters the room and shoots Mickey. Julian tells her Mickey planted a bomb at Alexis's house and no one threatens his family. Jordan tells Julian she turned Mickey down and he got angry. Mickey's alive enough to say that Jordan's lying.

Jordan tells Julian to leave, because she'll say she shot Mickey in self defense. After he leaves, Jordan tries to save Mickey and calls the paramedics.

Ned overhears when Tracy, on the phone, says that Alice is dying and no one can know. Ned tells her that she can't keep it a secret. Alice and her loved ones have a right to know. Tracy thinks it will make Alice give up. Ned feels Alice needs to know and warns he'll tell her if Tracy doesn't.

Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor and explains how she proposed to Levi and why. Lulu asks about Nathan. Maxie says Nathan is trying to ruin Levi's life. Lulu asks where Maxie's good instincts have gone, because she's lying to herself. Lulu thinks Maxie has feelings for Nathan.

Maxie denies it. She is tired of everyone second guessing her feelings for Levi. Maxie says she was at rock bottom, Levi brought her back from the brink and made her better. Lulu agrees to be Maxie's maid of honor, but reminds her Nathan cares about her too.

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Sam wonders aloud if Julian had anything to do with the explosion. Alexis tells TJ and Molly about the fire at the house. Molly is upset at all they've lost, but Alexis assures her they have each other. Molly questions how it happened.

Nina is standing out of her chair when there is a knock on the door. Assuming it's Rosalie, she tells the person to enter and is surprised when it's Nathan. Nina pretends she's making progress and Nathan buys it. Nina tells him Sam and Silas have broken up. Nathan tells her about Levi and Maxie.

Nathan complains Levi is manipulating Maxie. He mentions how Levi is keeping Georgie from Maxie and adding to her pain. Nina points out Nathan loves Maxie. He  admits he has feelings.

Nina tells him not to give up. Battle for Maxie and win her love.

Morgan arranges for pro wrestler David Otunga to visit with Alice. Alice is grateful.

Julian goes to Sam to check up on everyone. Molly accuses him of being responsible for the explosion. Alexis demands to know where Julian stormed off to. Julian says the person responsible is out of the picture.

Anna arrives at the hotel. Jordan tells her what happened and about Julian's involvement in retaliation for the bomb at Alexis' house.

Mickey's phone rings. Jordan answers it and speaks to the boss, who quickly hangs up on her. Jordan tells Anna she's certain the voice was Luke's. Anna refuses to believe it.

Anna gets an update on Mickey's status. Tracy overhears doctors say Mickey is brain dead.