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Perkie's Observations: Dante Doesn't Believe Luke is a Drug Kingpin on General Hospital

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Ava asks Julian about the explosion. He explains that it was a message from Mickey, but he's dealt with things. Julian reminds Ava that they need the flash drive.

Tracy wants to know what Mickey's blood type is, to see if he's a match for Alice. Liz points out she can't give out that information. Brad shows up with the lab results. Tracy checks and sees that Mickey has the same blood type as Alice.

Liz questions whether Mickey was an organ donor and says they need to find his belongings which are likely with the police. Later on, Liz tells Tracy that Mickey was not an organ donor.

Carly demands to know where Franco went after he left the restaurant. She accuses him of going to see Michael. Franco promises that he hasn't seen Michael, but then comments about the recording falling into the wrong hands.

Carly admits she kept a copy of the recording locked in her email and is not giving it up. She asks again where he went the night before. Franco lies and says he went to see Nina. After she leaves, Franco checks her laptop.

Anna tells Dante that Nathan is leading a task force to find Spencer and then explains what happened with Jordan and Mickey. Anna tells him Jordan recognized Luke's voice. Dante doesn't believe it. He says Luke is a con man, but stayed away from drugs.

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Dante feels Luke could work with Sonny if he wanted to and wouldn't need to work with Julian. Anna wants Dante to clear Luke's name.

Nikolas is upset that Spencer is still missing. Britt tries to reassure him, but Nikolas decides to get answers from Anna.

Spencer's hiding out in Joss's bedroom. He tells her how he lost his mother and wants his dad to be with Britt.

Julian Skypes with Fluke, angry that Alexis and Danny could have been killed in the explosion. Fluke is angry that Mickey was shot with Julian's gun. Julian warns that Fluke will regret any retaliation.

Fluke promises no more bloodshed if he gets whatever information Julian has on Sonny. Julian decides to keep the information for now and warns Fluke to stop lacing the cocaine with heroine.

Nikolas demands to know why Anna isn't out looking for his son. Anna explains about the task force and promises she'll return Spencer to him safely.

Britt tells Brad what she and Spencer have been up to. Brad wonders how long she can torture Nikolas this way. Britt agrees that she's putting him through hell and she should tell Nikolas the truth.

Dante checks with Tracy about Luke's whereabouts. She tells him about the annulment. Tracy promises to give Luke a message if he checks in then calls Luke to warn him that something is up.

Ava checks Julian's call history and redials Fluke.