Say Goodbye to The Davis Lakehouse on General Hospital (VIDEO)



Read how everything went up in flames for Alexis Davis on General Hospital!

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and her family were the latest victims of a mob attack in Port Charles. The Davis family lakehouse exploded due to a bomb deliberately placed in the mailbox.

An unknown figure was shown lurking around the lakehouse, while Alexis and family shared dinner. The mystery person placed the bomb in the mailbox and set it to go off in thirty minutes.

The bomb exploded right on cue, and it was originally thought Alexis and family were inside.

Meanwhile, Alexis’ boyfriend, the not so reformed mob player Julian Jerome (William deVry) was chatting with his sister Ava (Maura West), when he received a strange text message. It was from one of his associates, Mickey Diamond (Nick Chinlund), and read “Have A Good Night. Hope your family sleeps tight”.

A concerned Julian rushed to Alexis’ house, but the damage had already been done. The place was on fire, and Julian feared his family didn’t make it out the house. He attempted to find them inside, but another blast erupted from the flames!

Julian was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious. The firefighters arrived, and informed a stirring Julian there were no survivors. He collapsed to his knees in a moment of defeat, and gently began to sob.

At that moment, Alexis appeared and was shocked to see her house in flames. An extremely relieved Julian embraced Alexis. He felt even better after Alexis informed him Danny, Molly (Haley Pullos) and TJ (Tequan Richmond) were all at Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) apartment. Sam arrived, and Julian quickly left.

Flash forward to Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Mickey inside a hotel room, where things are getting hostel between the two. Jordan attempted to get information from Mickey by seducing him, but failed miserably when found the recording device. A scuffle with a gun ensued and Jordan gained the upper hand. She threatened the throw Mickey in jail, when suddenly Julian burst into the room and shot Mickey! Watch the video of Julian pulling a straight up Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) on Mickey below.