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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Gets Busted!


Victor/Sharon: Is the Black Knight's plot to take down his former daughter-in-law/ex-wife about to hit the skids? Sharon catches Victor talking to her therapist and reads them both for filth!

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Jack: Old Smilin' Jack heads to Georgia to let a comatose Phyllis know he's moving on with Kelly.

Nikki: The verdict from Ian Ward's lawsuit is almost in. Watch for Nikki to come even closer to losing her sobriety, as guilt over preventing Paul from being a father to Dylan eats at the socialite.

Nick/Mariah: The scheming doppelganger uses another one of Nick's daughters to her advantage. Look for Mariah to get the scoop on all of Nick's fave foods, while babysitting Faith. Will the girl Sharon has allowed into her home mack on the love of the trusting blonde's life, right under her roof?

Stitch/Kelly: Their shared past comes back to haunt them once again.