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Perkie's Observations: Samtrick Hunt For Answers at The Mystery Clinic on General Hospital

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Franco distracts Carly so Spencer can hide. She wonders why he's acting so strange. Franco assures her that all is fine.

Britt demands to know where Spencer is, so that she can rescue him. He tells her he's staying with Joss. Britt tells Nikolas she wants to talk to Carly about a possible sighting at the Metro Court.

Nina continues to rub Sam taking Patrick's side in Silas's face. He isn't interested in talk of Sam. Silas decides he wants to join NIna at her physical therapy. She convinces him otherwise.

Sam and Patrick head to the Crichton Clinic to find out information on Nina. Patrick plans to distract the manager with questions about the facility, while Sam, disguised as Sabrina, tries to hack into the computer.

Emma's sad Spencer is missing and blames herself. Josslyn says Emma thinks too highly of herself.  Emma turns to Liz for comfort, while Cameron scolds Joss for being mean to Emma.

Joss tells Cameron that Spencer is staying at her place. She begs him not to tell anyone.

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Liz warns Joss to stop being mean to Emma. She also demands to know what Joss is not telling her.

Franco tells Nina he used her as a cover with Carly. She wants to know what he's really up to.

Silas informs Kiki about his breakup with Sam. He admits, in addition to Sam not believing him about Patrick, there was friction between Sam and Nina.

Nikolas talks to Carly about Spencer possibly being at the hotel, while Britt finds Spencer hiding upstairs. She says she can't keep watching Nikolas suffer, but she alos can't pretend to find him in Carly's house.  Britt tells Spencer to meet her at the park, where she'll say she found him.

Liz arrives at Carly's. She tells her Joss has been hiding Spencer there. Carly is surprised when they find Spencer hiding under the coffee table.

Liz returns Spencer to Nikolas. Meanwhile, Britt waits in the park.

The clinic manager catches Sam before she has a chance to get into Nina's files.

Patrick tries to get into a restricted area. He's stunned by what he discovers.