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10 Daytime Stars Who Could Play a Female Spidey!

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Recently, Deadline reported Sony would develop a female-driven superhero spinoff from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. It will hit theaters in 2017.

The Spider-Man reboot, which came just five years after the last Spidey franchise, has underperformed for Sony. To combat this, the studio will now release several new superhero films, set in the same universe, to debut prior to The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

While the female superhero has yet to be named, the likeliest contender is Spider-Woman a.k.a Jessica Drew. Click through the gallery below to see which daytime stars would kick butt in the role!

Hunter King

No. 10: Hunter King

As Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless, King is very comfortable with all kinds of drama being thrown her way. What’s crazier than a girl being thrust into a superhero costume to do battle?

Kelley Missal

No. 9: Kelley Missal

Missal became known for her work on One Life to Live as Dani Manning, a feisty teen not afraid to confront those in her way. Even in her “everyday” persona, the supervillains would need to watch out.

Crystal Chappell

No. 8: Linsey Godfrey

On The Bold and the Beautiful, the starlet plays Caroline Spencer Forrester, a woman who knows how to get exactly what she wants. Undermining all those bad guys’ plots should be no big deal.

Molly Burnett

No. 7: Molly Burnett

As bad girl-turned-sweetie Melanie Jonas on Days of our Lives, Burnett would be super at portraying the dark side of a superhero.

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Lexi Ainsworth

No. 6: Lexi Ainsworth

The daughter of a mobster and his defense attorney, Kristina Davis came of age under Ainsworth’s tenure on General Hospital. She could pull off just the right amount of awkward adorableness required for a female “Peter Parker.”


No. 5: Melissa Archer

Archer has the kind of gorgeous, vibrant hair that would leap right off the comic book page. For the woman who played trailer trash-turned-heiress Natalie Buchanan on One Life to Live, she’d definitely know how to get down and dirty with a Big Bad.

Kristen Alderson

No. 4: Kristen Alderson

Who better than the girl who played both Starr Manning and Kiki Jerome on General Hospital to master a complicated dual role in a comic book franchise?

Shelley Hennig

No. 3: Shelley Hennig

From a daughter of Salem on Days of our Lives, to a feral werecoyote on Teen Wolf, it would be an easy transition for Hennig to start covertly fighting villains on the big screen.

Keke Palmer

No. 2: Keke Palmer

The actress/daytime talk show host has done it all. Starring in movies since she was a tween, Palmer will next appear in Broadway’s Cinderella. Why not try a masked crusader next?

Julie Marie Berman

No. 1: Julie Marie Berman

She played a spunky Lulu Spencer from 2005-2013 on General Hospital. A feisty crime fighter should be a piece of cake for the beloved soap alum!