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Perkie's Observations: What Is Robin Hiding Behind Door No.1 on General Hospital?

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Patrick is shocked to see Robin at the facility. She explains the clinic is where Victor brought her to do her research.

 Patrick can't believe, despite being only one hour away from home, she refuses to visit her family in Port Charles. Robin demands to know how he found her.

Patrick is angry Robin is still choosing to save Jason over her family. Robin feels her research is important. Again, she asks Patrick how he found her.

Patrick says isn't there for her; he's helping Sam. Robin is panicked about Sam being at the clinic. Patrick says Sam was there for him when Robin wasn't.

Nikolas is thrilled Spencer is home, but also upset with the boy. Liz explains she found Spencer at Carly's, where Josslyn was hiding him.

Nik can't believe it. He and Britt were just at Carly's.

With Brad in the park, Britt worries when Spencer doesn't show up. She tries to call Spencer, only to have Nik answer the phone.

The clinic manager catches Sam at the computer. She claims she was simply trying to get onto the hospital website to check out her shift.

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The manager realizes she was trying to access Nina's records and recognizes her from the last time she was there. He wants to know what's going on.

Carly stops by Franco's studio; he introduces her to Nina. Carly tells them Spencer was found at her house. She wonders if Franco knew the boy was hiding out there. Franco denies knowing anything.

After Carly leaves, Franco questions whether Nina was going to tell Carly the truth. Nina admits she would have, if Spencer hadn't been found.

Felix drops by to watch 

Knots Landing

DVDs with Lucas, who still wants nothing to do with him. Felix blames Brad for all their problems. He  wants to know who Lucas had chosen.

 Brad arrives and he and Felix get into the exact same argument they've had before.  Lucas declares they can both have him, which makes me want to smack him upside the head and tell him he can do better.

Britt gets to Wyndemere and is thrilled Spencer has been found.  Alone, Spencer explains how he was caught. Britt is upset Liz was the one who found him.

Robin wants Patrick to leave. He's determined to know what she's hiding in the locked room. Patrick grabs her keys and lets himself in.